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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your Short Story Can Take You Anywhere!

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Hey there everyone!!

Doesn’t it all begin with love?  I set forth on a journey that would bring it all back to me and you.  Who am we?

Anything and everything, is the answer that eternally presents itself.  Here’s my alphabet of that love spectrum.

Of course there are three devil tricks that keeps us from receiving this abundance.  The challenge is to remember this in all moments of now.  What About Now?

You can buy love with money, they told me.  So let’s make money, I thought, since we’ve won the jackpot!  Then, I uncovered that there are actually twelve components to true wealth.

So I did everything.  Every personal development program that I touched, I implemented.  These are the nine best programs I’ve found.  And here are three random examples, just for fun.

What did they all tell me?  To believe in myself and zoom in on my dreams, of course!  They also gave me three false promises.  But that’s O.K. because along the way, I found opportunities that would finance my lifestyle.

The world was calling, so I volunteered.  I have to have faith and exercise patience.  Some people hate me, and some people think I’m gay, but I stick to my five life values, guiding principles, and overriding life context.

I have beautiful days, magic moments, and continue to play the video game of life.  My search for independence hasn’t made me big time yet, but I occasionally go viral and my Conversations With God are quite worth it.

With all these freedoms, while feeling the fear, I continue to give in unique ways with my ordinary words and poetic pieces.

That’s my short story, with links to 38 other personal development stories of my life.  You too have the same type of story, with embedded sub-stories of lessons and love.  When we realize how rich our life is like that and how lucky we are, we transcend the daily challenges of our lives.

Get inspired by clicking on any of the links above.  My love has brought me back to you--to inspire you to become conscious of your epic story.  I know what it's like... Inspire others by sharing this story with them.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S., I have way more than 38 stories.
Get the mother lode at

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