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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New World Order - Are you Brainwashed?

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Hi there everyone!!

I've never been so passionate, so I am using strong language in this article.  Know that every word is said with love.

At age fifteen, I found myself at the Central Ontario Regional Parliament.  I had absolutely no interest in politics, but I had nothing better to do.  Surprisingly, for the first time in my life, I was surrounded by people who actually wanted to say “hello” and be with me authentically.  Some of them even wanted to give me a hug!  So, I ended up going to about a dozen other regional youth parliaments.

I was a delegate at the Western Canadian Youth Parliament, became involved in the Forum for Young Canadians, was invited to Presidential Classroom and the Future World Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C., and flew to Hungary for the World Model United Nations.

My favorite event was being at the White House during Bill Clinton’s inauguration.  :)

I found myself at a meeting of The Council on Foreign Relations and thought, “How the heck could these bureaucratic idiots actually accomplish anything?”

I remember being at The World Bank, hearing about the International Monetary Fund, and thinking, “Holy fuck, is so much of society that brainwashed that they don’t even realize we serve a WORLD bank?”

It was so logically obvious to me that our governments were corrupt when they took 1,000 pages to create legislation which most high-school students could write in 3 pages and accomplish in a fraction of the time.  The numerous real public officials I tried to communicate with (MPs, MPPs, MLA’s) seemed so insensitive and had no desire to work with the next generation.  It was like a dog-and-pony show to make education officials happy.

But were we just naive as teenagers not to understand the complexity of the world?

Today I understand that “Insanity is taking the simple and making it complex.  Genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”  For example, ask any child or teenager, "do you want more war in the world?"  99% of them would say, "No", so why do we have hundreds of people debating that for months on end?  Get people to wonder if it should be 20,000 or 40,000 troops, and they will forget the absurdity of the war in the first place.

Nevertheless, I had to take a stab at real politics in order to authentically determine how fucked-up the system really was.  So I created the Party for People with Special Needs and we ran in the last two elections.  I was also a big promoter of Proportional Representation.

Now I can say that everything I knew when I was eleven is true.  I suppressed it because most of society would think I was crazy or psychotic.  I would share my knowledge with a few through documents and conversations...  But they were too lazy to read anything substantial, or too apathetic to engage me seriously.

What’s available for you twenty years later is this feature-length, entertaining movie.

Yet, some people still won’t take the time to watch it.  They rather have strong opinions about it first, in order to justify their reality (which unfortunately is only a brainwashed state of enslavement).  A true scientist or open-minded person always seriously considers every perspective, no matter how outrageous.

The brainwashing was done to the masses through mainstream media.  Some conscious people may say, “Yeah, but I haven’t watched television for years.”  Yet they drive around and see tons of billboard ads through their subconscious mind on a daily basis without realizing it.  Unless you live in the jungle, you are susceptible, even at airports, as “terror conditioning” happens while you wait for your delayed aircraft.

I haven’t been brainwashed (as much) because I’m blind.  Most people see 2,000 advertisements a day that numbs them down so they don’t take an active interest in world affairs.  Fashion, sports and entertainment become so much more important (which fuel their complacency).

I’ve made it a life focus to understand this stuff.  I was never influenced by fashion but became extremely conscious of it so I could attract women.  I could never play sports, but became extremely conscious of them so I could relate to the masses.  I never liked watching television, so I decided to produce on-line movies in order to ignite a mass awakening of our humanity.

You have been programmed with triggers that will have you immediately dismiss some of these assertions, attack people’s character, mock our entire premise, or categorize it as a “conspiracy theory.”

None of those things are logical -- they are all triggered emotional responses that do not negate any factual evidence.

Become conscious of how you’ve been psychologically manipulated to serve an agenda.  Now is the time to break free from this mental slavery.

When talking about this to a colleague at an improv class, she said, “I’m really tired.  I had a really tough week.  Can’t we talk about the movies or something?”

I didn’t say this, but felt this throughout my body:

“You had a tough week?  You don’t want to talk about how 20,000 children died today because of lack of food/water -- real political/economic constructs that you are enjoying right now had those children die.  I think the parents of those 20,000 children had a week much tougher than your week.  Tell me how fucking tough was your week?”

Don’t tell yourself you’re going to watch this later.

Humanity needs you NOW.

Wake the fuck up!

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P. S. “What can one person really do to change things?” is the stupidest programmed excuse most people will want to use not to do anything.

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  1. Great Danish, have you spoken at TED yet? If not, what are they waiting for? May your passion-fueled vision ignite millions...

  2. Perhaps I should have reserved comment before watching your links to questionable YouTube dis-information. Both what global corporations threaten us with, AND the reactionary, "freedom" loving efforts are avoiding the real issues. We are reaching the "peak", not only in oil, but in many resources. A dumbed down American populace is easily inflamed by a partial presentation of such material as Alex Jones (no relation) offers. The reality is much more complex. Danish, why not put your energy into truly awakening people, not just inflaming them?

  3. Good question, Peter.

    First point is that everything people see, especially in the mainstream news media, is a "partial presentation." In fact, in most cases, it is downright evil with subliminal messages of violence, sex, and crimes.

    Yes, Moore and Jones and others, like teachers of "The Secret" give partial presentations because that is the way our society has been conditioned. The difference is that Moore, Jones, and Secret Teachers will all admit this, share more "depth" with you, and teach it to you so you can transcend it, whereas... The media corporations will deny everything while continuing a secret agenda.

    A brainwashed element of society is thinking that to get mad, get angry, or be "inflamed" is a bad thing. In fact, that's part of being human and natural. Moreover, it is necessary in some situations, such as this one, to cause a revolution.

    I walk my talk, too. I have put 30 years into awakening people from your perspective with Books, CDs, shows, movies, etc. Now I'm awakening people from a different point-of-view, and haven't stopped producing traditional "inspirational" entertainment. So this is simply allowing me to awake people in more ways.

    More significantly, I feel that time is of the essence. Like I said, I knew all this stuff when I was eleven, but obviously there was no urgency back then.

    By end of December 2009, if there hasn't been a mass awakening of people to reclaim their independence, then it would be too late (Yes, it's never too late for anything, but I mean 1000x more difficult). The infrastructure and push towards a military dictatorship enslaving you and your children will certain.

    I'm anything but a fear-monger. And to associate me as one, with all of my life's work, shows how powerful brainwashing is.

    This is more important than having people feel inspired -- it is about serving humanity.