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Friday, May 24, 2013

3 Devil Tricks that Keeps Us from Receiving Abundance

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Hey there friends!!

My friend (Lee Jenkins) and creator of the popular Think & Grow Rich page on Facebook (>250,000 likes), suggested that I create a full-hour webinar on the Law of Receiving to help me get to the next level of success.  Just like so many of you, I procrastinate, make excuses, and still haven’t completed it – despite my better judgment and the generous gift from a good friend (massive free promotion).

I have an outline, and this new article represents some of the content that you can expect.  There are many things that can keep us from receiving abundance (procrastination and excuses, for example).  These three “devil tricks” are powerful, because they SEEM to be helpful, when in fact they are not.

This is what has been keeping me from completing the webinar:

1. Distractions

Isn’t it fun to hear our phone chime with a new instant notification?  What about hearing the doorbell ring with a mysterious looking package?  Even when it is productive and fun stuff, life seems to take us off course from completing what we said we were committed to.  Not 100% of distractions can be avoided, but we can get better at keeping on course so the universe can deliver what is destined for us quickly.

2. Mind Chatter

Planning is important, but not when it stays as conversations in our heads.  No amount of thinking about something will get the job done.  I seem to keep justifying why I don’t want to do webinar continuously.  I could just as easily spend the same amount of time writing things down and moving forward.

3. Frustration

When things don’t flow readily and we don’t have faith in the results, then frustration is inevitable.  Frustration can take us on the path to give up or slow down our progress.  The energy creates a downward spiral keeping us from the abundance that is available.  The key is to periodically re-put ourselves into a state of gratitude and appreciation, for only then will the abundance flow.

I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer.  Everything is a journey, even for me, and I love being transparent about it.  Thank you for supporting me on my path, as I support you on yours.

Let’s love the world together...

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