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Sunday, June 16, 2013

4 Strategies to Zoom In on Your Dreams!

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Hey there everyone!!

Very often I am asked what it is I can see and what it is I cannot see.  But how can a person who has never seen 100% describe what 5% looks like?  The 5% is the 100% to me.

Over the years, of course, I’ve been wanting to answer that question for others.  What do I technically see?  As a techie, I understand that I had a limited resolution.   I grew up with 320x200 screens, and it wasn’t until they went past 640x400 that I stopped noticing the difference.  The new MacBook Pro is 2880x1800 which is about 100 times more detail than the original monitors.

Similarly, I can see color, and noticed colors on computers until they got to about 32,000.  That may sound like a lot, but today’s hardware has more detail than what the human eye can see which is 16,777,216 colors (calculated by 256 shades to the power of 3 primary colors).

All this does not even include full-motion video, which is explained in my article, Read 300 Books in 5 Minutes!

Why is this important to you (especially if you are not a non-techie)?  Because I want you to understand how much detail there can be when you are using the power of your imagination.  You must use the power of imagination to Believe In Yourself.  Our imagination has the infinite amount of detail we need to create in our visualizations, so that they are more real than real.

Perhaps a more grounded example of what I see, is what you would see through a foggy shower door.  You can distinguish a body and shape, but not recognize the person specifically.  Knowing that the world had more detail than I could see, I found ways to understand that detail, so I could live more functionally in the world and enjoy more of life.

Here are some examples of how you can use the same tools to create the life of your dreams.

1. Make it a Hollywood Blockbuster Sensation

I love going to the movies because everything on screen is larger than life.  Because I have a small resolution, by zooming in (the camera) on such a huge canvas (the screen), I see details that I am not able to see in my everyday life.  I can see wrinkles on faces, lifts of the eyebrow, or the smirk of the subtle smile.  All these things I discovered through Hollywood.  :)

When you visualize, notice that amount of detail on the people you interact with.  Cast yourself in a multi-million dollar production.  Have the lights and sound be perfect.  Make it better than iMax 3D with Dolby Surround Sound.  Use special effects like you are the creator of this reality, because you are.

2. Don’t Forget the Power of Smelling & Tasting

Not having much of an interest in cooking, it’s hard to imagine why I would be so into MasterChef.  I didn’t like other cooking shows before, but because of MasterChef, I’m now getting into them!  I even found myself getting cooking lessons from a good friend.  Initially I thought I loved MasterChef just because it showed such passionate people with incredible ambition.  But then I realized it’s also taking the time to show each dish larger than life (some foods are zoomed in so close that only parts of the dish can be seen, as that extreme magnification shows so much more detail).

I always understood that presentation was an important part of food.  But I never really got to see my dishes!  I can’t hold them up so close to my eyes, because my eyes would get spices in them -- it would be very awkward.  Now my mouth waters in new appreciation when I can see the exquisite detail, dripping sauce, and steaming heat from a delicious dish.

Take the time to use the power of smell and taste in your dreams, touch the foods of the world you’re going to experience, and savor those moments now.

3. Have Future Conversations Now

I interact in conversations with Bon Jovi, Oprah, and the Dalai Lama.  It’s fun.  It may never really happen in real life.  But if/when it does happen in real life, it won’t feel any different.

See (no pun intended), it’s not just about wishing and hoping to talk to cool celebrities...  It’s conjuring up conversations that would make sense, that would be mutually relevant, and that would create benefit for others.  Manifesting that level of detail in our minds is what makes that so much more real in the universe.  Your mind will automatically think of possibilities to make that vision into a reality.

4. Take Virtual Tours In Your Mind

Walk around in your fantasies.  Stroll down streets.  Open up the cupboards.  Peek under the rocks.  Smell the air.  Feel like you are already there.

Have you played a video game where you are in a 3D world?  Did you ever watch a virtual tour of a new real estate property?  You have that type of processing power in your brain.  Do you know about fractals?  You can keep zooming in onto beautiful images (mathematically generated by a simple equation), infinitely.  That’s means forever.

Nature it like that, too, with fractals everywhere.  No matter how much you zoom in, there continues to be an infinite amount of detail.  Philosophy is like that, whereby applying more detailed specific examples to any teaching, makes visible more nuances which generate more philosophies to compensate.

So make your dreams like fractals, too.  Zoom in to an infinite amount of detail.  Do a Google Fly-Through into your life's future.  Get lost in your fantasies.  And let’s meet each other in our mutually created realities.

Let’s love the world together...

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