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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3 Paths to making it Big Time

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Hey there everyone!!

While I have had much success in my career, my ambitious visualizations of speaking in front of 50,000 people have yet to be fulfilled.

Have I given up?  I figure there are three pathways to this outrageous goal, all of which I have been working on with varying levels of achievement and enjoyment.

1. The Typical Route

After much research over ten years ago, I chose to write several books, do speaking engagements across the city and around North America, and produce live events/teleseminars.  The idea would be to eventually produce my own personal development programs (live/digital), that I would continually market and sell on a mass scale.

While I enjoy the diversity of skills required to produce events and move products, it’s a far cry from actually “speaking” and authentically inspiring through my story alone.

2. A Viral Sensation

In the past, artists would wait to be discovered so they could be mass distributed and become an overnight success.  Today, it’s about producing yourself and going “Gangnam Style” through YouTube.  While this may seem like a long-shot, many celebrity biographies point to that “lucky break” or contact they got with a particular agent.

Of course, luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and to that end, I have created dozens of YouTube videos accruing over 140,000 views, have written dozens of articles totally 40,000 views, and joint-ventured on numerous media projects, including co-producing a song, and co-producing a musical.

3. Network Marketing

I love this pathway the most because I saw successful people on stage telling their authentic story with their beloved spouse.  What a perfect combination: To travel around the world, inspire others (by speaking from the heart, instead of having polished speeches), and do it all with the one you love.

While I have had success in multi-level marketing companies like Humanity Unites Brilliance, That Free Thing, A.C.N., and now The Inspired Living App, it hasn’t been “super star” success yet where I am qualified to be teaching from the stage.

Previously, I’ve traveled the path of least resistance, wanting to do whatever it took to make it work.  But now, I’m leaning towards #3 because it is what gives me the most joy.

What do you think?  What are the paths to making it Big Time for you?

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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