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Friday, May 17, 2013

Making Difficult Conversations Easy

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Hi there everyone!!

There’s a great video just created by Kimberly & Foster Gamble called “How to Share Difficult Information with Friends Without Losing Friendships”.  It caters to talking about the New World Order / Conspiracy Theories, but these awesome keys could be applied to anything that is difficult to talk about, really.

For example, if you’re in network marketing, you know about difficult conversations.  If you follow a particular spiritual teaching or religion, these keys will help you, too.  Want to enroll someone in a course like the Landmark Forum?  This gets you there.  In fact, these keys are a great context to living life and having amazing conversations all the time.

1. Honor Different Paths

Not everyone is into what we may be into, no matter how awesome or significant, or imperative we may believe it is to them and/or our world.  Attachment to convincing someone of our commitment usually keeps them from being interested at all.  The more relaxed we are, the more others will be persuaded by our commitments.

2. Keep It Personal

People like talking to people, not institutions.  While there may be a company behind our product, or a religion behind our beliefs, seldom do people care about that infrastructure.  They care about you and are interested in your experiences and your perspectives.

3. Ask Questions

It’s important to be engaging, not give a presentation.  Conversations are interactive, and the best way to keep them interactive is to ask questions.  Become more curious about the other person, so they know you want what is best for them, not just what you think is best for them.

4. Distinguish Facts from Interpretation

People don’t like hype, even if it isn’t hype.  People don’t like fear, even if it is real and substantiated.  It’s all about people’s perception.  Don’t use judgments like “always” or “never”, and don’t believe that what you have is the best thing since slice bread, or that everyone will go to hell if they don’t follow you.

5. Share the Personal Benefit of Getting Informed

People are interested in what is in it for them.  How will what you have help them specifically?  How will their lives be affected?

6. Share How Action Empowers Learning

It can be tough to resolve everything in the scope of one conversation.  Encourage a follow-up meeting, a group gathering, or a formal event.  Persuasion is much more powerful with a collective consciousness.

7. Timing Is Everything

Some people don’t like mixing business with pleasure.  Others may not be allowed to talk about a new business opportunity at their current place of employment.  Ask people permission before you begin an important conversation with them.

8. Tidbits Are Risky, Immersion Really Helps

What seems simple and profound to us, can be very scary and sound untrue to others.  With so many people having smart phones, today we are able to take someone directly to a web site and walk them through the concept/perspective we may be sharing with them.  This also creates a reference for them to return to, as they may have further questions and interest.

9. To Recover... Apologize, Ask, Learn

Of course you may not remember, or the previous eight steps may not be sufficient for a harmonious conversation.  Don’t lose the relationship by ignoring the unpleasant tension or animosity that may have been created.  Instead, apologize and inquire so that you can remedy the situation, showing your maturity and commitment in nourishing the relationship.

These are nine powerful keys you can use to communicate anything to anyone.  Good conversations are the juice to life.

I love Kimberly & Foster.  They’re wisdom is awesome.  Watch their video here:

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