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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The 5 Second Stand

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Hey there everyone!!

Happy Relationship?Ever heard of a one-night-stand? How about a five-second stand?

I was having a heated argument with one of my sisters and said that sometimes I have a better relationship with strangers. Her response was “everybody has a better relationship with a stranger!”

Do they? Later, because we think about responses long after an argument has passed, I said to her that she doesn’t have great relationship with strangers when I experience hear angrily swearing at “seemingly bad drivers” almost every time I am a passenger in her vehicle. She exclaimed, “That’s not a relationship.”

Isn’t it? I looked it up on Google. Relationship:
“The way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other.”

Aren’t those two strangers fighting traffic “people”, and aren’t they “behaving” in a certain way towards each other? The Internet is awesome, because then I also found this Wiki documentary on “Consequential Strangers”.

UnExpected RelationshipsIsn’t every person we have a relationship with was once a stranger to us (even family)? So when does the course of a “relationship” begin? (At the point of intercourse?... the comics might say. As an aside, comedian Jerry Seinfeld suggests that sex occurs when the nipple makes its first appearance.)

Spiritually, for some people, a relationship begins immediately upon the consciousness of any sentient connection. We have a relationship with everyone in our lives who is a service provider for us, as an example. We may not ever meet that “traffic” person, but there have been many incidents where people get married to someone who waited on them, or start a multi-million dollar business venture with someone who was simply asking for directions.
Goals About Feelings
More than all that, isn't it nice to want to have others feel good as much as possible? That actually makes us feel good. Why make ourselves feel upset especially when there will be no positive results in it whatsoever?

I don’t share this because I’m on a “high horse” and think I’m so great with everyone and that every stranger becomes my best friend. But I do experience a negative impact (as I suspect the average person does) with drivers who are constantly cursing other drivers. Similarly, I also experience a negative impact when individuals treat service providers like peasants, second class citizens, or the “untouchables” (even if only energetically).

Other People's Journey?Just because we don’t understand somebody’s behavior (e.g., bad driving, bad service), doesn’t necessarily make it wrong. That tolerance and compassion is what generates more empathy, and more freedom in our being (lack of attachment).

Some people believe that we are connected to everyone all the time. We have a relationship with everyone, because we are all part of something called humanity. There is a growing global collective. We’re all in this together.

How do you drive?
Are you a stranger talker?
Check out these nuggets to The Art of Conversation.

Bad RelativesAs my sister said, she/I don’t share to criticize or to condemn, but to love, contribute, and to add value to your life.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. My relationship with my family is better than my relationship with strangers. I was exaggerating (focusing on a detail, rather than the big picture), during a heating argument, trying to make a point (the amount of negative energy someone can be projecting without realizing it). My sisters are my best friends.

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