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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tiny PowerBook

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I’ve never enjoyed reading books.  They are hard for me to see.  Reading gives me a headache by straining my eyes.  Since I had to read in school, I endured and felt pain everyday.

I tried not to read as much as possible.  The only book in school I had ever read cover-to-cover was Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Seuss.

I was really into Anthony Robbins and so I forced myself to read several chapters of him famous books.  But they too, were long and boring.  Even though I got great insights from my reading, I couldn’t read his books in their entirety.

Until, one day, I discovered Tony’s un-promoted book, “Notes from a friend.”

It was only 70 pages, in large print.  Tony took all the “useful” information from his BIG books, removing all the stories, stats, and explanations.  It was like a manual for the brain, and it was a masterpiece.

Why doesn’t Tony promote this book?  The book claims all the proceeds go to a charity.

It’s the best book I have ever read.  Which of course, doesn’t say much.  So I’ll say, it’s the only one of two books I was willing to read cover-to-cover in my life.

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