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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Is Luck The Dichotomy of Success?

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Hey there everyone!!

False Success of a BusinessAttempting to escape my miserable reality, I couldn’t believe it was luck that had people achieve and become successful. My naivety had me driven to what would become so many amazing accomplishments.

Are you lazy, or do you want it easy?Unsuccessful People Who Believe In Luck

But so many people thought my ambition was unrealistic. They “seemingly” lacked meaning and purpose in their lives, so I disregarded them. After all, the leaders in the personal development industry would label these individuals as being lazy.

Why Motivation?Unsuccessful People Who Do Not Believe in Luck

Isn’t it empowering to believe that there is no luck involved and that it is all “us” making things happen? Especially sales trainers -- those driven by commissionable overrides for their sales organizations -- would opt to convey an extreme dissertation of reality in order to motivate their following.

Measure Wealth by Love, Truth & WisdomSuccessful People Who Do Not Believe in Luck

Then I noticed that certain folks of ostentatious wealth would be so adamant that there was no luck for them at all, and everyone in dyer circumstances were somehow entirely responsible by the sum of their life choices. While this context served as a benefit for many years, I eventually transcend this law of attraction.

This proves humilitySuccessful People Who Believe in Luck

Suddenly, I observed humility in other thought leaders. David Chilton, author of the “The Wealthy Barber” and Dragon of Dragons’ Den explicitly acknowledged on the Marilyn Denis Show that he was lucky from one major success very early in his career. Especially ironic was that he said he wasn’t saying this in order to be humble, but just to be accurate.

This month in Success Magazine, Darren Hardy interviewed Ray Kurzweil (author and Director of Engineering at Google) who talked about how the window of opportunity for success is very narrow. This “Edison’s rightful heir” said that most people are just too early or too late.

Equality or Justice?Where’s the Luck?

So why do some authorities get off on making people wrong for not having any success in their lives? Maybe they do it to justify their opulence and suppress their guilt. Some people have so much luck and fortune that they can’t see it as luck and fortune. Even when they use words like “I’m blessed” we can feel it in their demeanor that they somehow feel above other types of consciousnesses.

Now here’s the mind twist. How can we learn from those who are lucky? Can they be affective mentors and coaches, or will they lead us down the wrong path?

Millions Don't MatterLucky people tend to believe that there is no luck. Unlucky people tend to believe that it is all luck. Logically, therefore, we should all believe that there is no luck, and we will all be lucky.

Good luck to you. :)

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. How do these words and this articulation come to me? I don’t plan it. I can’t force it. I hardly even edit it. Is it channeled? Am I blessed? Or it is simply the persistent discipline of consistently writing this blog for over ten years?

Share HumanityWhat I do know is that if this goes viral, you will be my lucky charm. :) Thank you.

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