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Monday, May 20, 2013

Seven Guiding Principles

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Hey there everyone!!

From all the personal development programs I’ve participated in and references I’ve encountered, I’ve come up with seven guiding principles that I generally try and live my life with.

1. Observe the experience.

The basis of consciousness is to become aware that we can become aware of things.  So the foundation of transformation becomes the exercised ability to remove “our self” from any experience by distinguishing that it is only an experience.

2. Perceive the interpretation.

No matter how good we think we may get, there will be judgments that may appear as perception.  Going deeper, and seeing our perceptions as only possible interpretations, can give us power in having power over any experience.

3. Re-frame the context.

How would you see the experience ten years from now?  Could you look back on an experience and laugh at it?  Choosing to come from a different overall context can dramatically affect your ability to deal with challenging life situations.

4. Remember your philosophy.

You probably have your own personal way of living, life motto, or “winning formula”.  Sometimes we just forget it in the heat of the moment when it can be most useful.

5. Recall similar situations.

Some people will remember that moment after a severe hangover when they promised themselves they would never drink again.  Unfortunately, they do drink again.  Get in the discipline of remembering the moments you promised yourself you would remember.

6. Pause, breathe, and reconsider.

Not everything needs to be decided right now.  Enjoy the ride, and know you will make the right choices in time.

7. Share the process.

The beauty of being expands with sharing.  By sharing our life experiences with others, we actually move into a place of co-creation, where we all live life together.

Let’s love the world together...

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