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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The *BEST* Mediums of Transformation

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Hey there everyone!!

Is it books, a remote seminar, or that magic practitioner that will do trick for us?  Each medium of transformation has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, which we will cover here.  Ideally, we want to experiment with all of them, and use some in conjunction with others, to maximize our overall personal growth journey.


The written word is very unique, because it requires an active concentration of consciousness and intelligence.  Even e-books are not bad, because they too can captivate our mental state far more consistently than the other mediums.  However, most people never do finish reading the non-fiction books they buy.


Listening to personal development on tapes/CDs/mp3’s in the background is the most convenient.  We can multitask while driving, exercising, or doing the laundry.  And even if we’re not paying attention, our subconscious mind retains some of the wisdom through repetition.  Unfortunately, that’s usually not enough for life changes, and so this medium remains a favorite to the academic junkie.


Video training has been around for decades, but YouTube and high-speed Internet have made it affordable for everyone (virtually free).  And even though VHS has been around for decades, it is only through DVD that we have the interactivity to zone in on any particular segment we like.  A multi-sensory experience is great, but with our ADD culture, the videos better be short before we get distracted with something else.


This is the best way to get a personalized live experience with a professional in the industry -- from the comfort of our own home or office.  When we participate in teleclasses that are over the course of several weeks/months, we have a great structure of discipline, reflection, mentorship, and course correction.  Scheduling may be a challenge for international participants.  Look for our “Extraordinary Business Mastery” program coming out soon.

In-Person Conferences

By far, this is the most highly recommended medium because it creates an environment of collective consciousness.  Just by being around hundreds/thousands of people who are committed to transforming their lives, shifts in energy and perspective become automatic.  You can tap into “feeling” changes, not just mental fluctuations.  Of course, it will cost you financially, if only to travel across the world.

On-Line Forums

Bulletin board services have been around for decades, too, but none have been so elegant and convenient as today’s social media technologies.  This is where we can get our feet wet with free support groups in all areas of personal development and transformation.  This is a “taste” (sampling), and we should use several of the other mediums for lasting transformation.  A great place to start is our fan page at


“The Secret” brought personal development to the masses, and the movie genre has since exploded!  Inspiring entertainment allows the growth of our consciousness to be fun, light, and easy.  It has shifted mainstream society from mocking the industry, to people sculpting tickets at $1,000 a pop like they do with rock stars.  Like all entertainment, it isn’t the whole truth, and it’s sad when people turn their entrainment into a new age religion.


Mobile is the new Internet, and now we can exercise our personal development anywhere and everywhere we go.  There’s no excuse for not finding thirty seconds of “dead time” throughout our day to launch that app.  It can be at a line-up, in a waiting room, or during public transit.  As a new medium, there’s a lot of junk out there, so we suggest you start with our Inspired Living App.


One of the biggest lessons to uncover is to build communities of people that are committed to their personal development.  This can be as simple as finding holistic practitioners in the healing arts, and getting a regular massage, Reiki sessions, yoga/meditation classes, etc.  Ideally, our friends, family, and associates will hold us to a higher standard, as we co-creatively and consistently implement the life teachings we learn.  This can be the most difficult medium, especially if we have a really negative best-friend or spouse.

You have many choices.  Choose them all.

Let’s love the world together…

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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