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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Snowy Day

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It was a snowy day; the first snowy day I remember as a child. Several of my sisters and my brother went outside to play. We threw snow balls and made snow angels.

I quickly noticed that some of the snow was “yellow” and brownish. Yuck! Was it pee? Was it dirt?

I was disgusted and vowed never to pick up yellow or brown snow again. How could other people do it? Why do people throw nasty, dirty, snowballs at each other?

This whole ritual disturbs me. The only snow I ever want to touch now must fall from the sky and touch me before touching the ground.

Although I prefer the winter over the summer, I will never love snow on the ground. Especially when it is muddy, soggy, and darker than dark brown! What a nasty snowy day that changed my entire life!

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