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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Surprise Birthday Parties!!

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As a child, I saw various television shows showcasing “surprise birthday parties”, and I thought the concept was so cool.

I remember not enjoying my birthdays over the years. It was always a disappointment, and I never got any of my wishes granted. Moreover, I certainly never got a surprise birthday party.

When I was married, my wife did make an effort to give me a surprise party. That was nice of her, but it only included my direct family, and was low-key. Running late from work, I was also late for my own party.

Since then, I’ve realized that it must be very difficult to organize a surprise party. All the common problems of logistics, timing, and keeping the element of “surprise”, are not easy to overcome.

The biggest challenge for anyone organizing my surprise party is who to invite! I have so many friends (over 8,000 on Facebook) that it’s impossible to invite them all. Yes, they’re not “all” best friends, but how would one know who my “best friends” are?

Even if someone knew who my closest friends were at a given point in my life, those best friends may rotate and be different within several months.

My best friends also tend to be very busy movers and shakers. Correlating schedules and finding a time/place agreeable to all would be another impossible challenge.

On one hand, anything is possible if given enough incentive and time. However, the cards just don’t seem to be in my favor. Will I ever get a surprise birthday party?

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