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Monday, August 17, 2015

Find Your Needle in the Haystack

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Hey everyone!!
Happily Do What's Next & Make the Most of It - 7 Powerful Distinctions that Will Move You to Action

A Landmark Forum leader once said, “I don't know what's true. I know what's useful.”

Similarly, Anthony Robbins says that it doesn't matter whether a belief we hold is true or not; what matters is whether it is empowering to us or not.

Swinging Between Logic & Emotion - Use Your Personal Power to Control Your LifeOf the hundreds of visual inspiring articles I have written, I know only a very small percentage will be read by many people. So the first realization is that I'm not writing for an audience, as much as I am writing for myself. This is my therapy to myself.

What's your therapy to yourself?

The article that comes to my mind most often (because it is what I need to hear), is “Happily Do What's Next & Make the Most of It”.

The muscle to exercise for that, reminds me of my article, “Swinging Between Logic & Emotion”.

How Do You Want to Live Your Life? A New Perspective on Goal-Setting“How Do You Want to Live Your Life?” is a paradigm shift from traditional goals/achievement. It's a great overriding arch that aligns my tasks with my vision.

“Change the Way You See Your Life” brings me home and reminds me that it always comes down to perspective.

Change the Way You See Your Life - 7 Insights to Transform Your Life!And finally, last week's big article has been a huge success. Check out “Transforming Corporate Culture – 21 Ideas on Accessibility that Can Change the World”. The CEO did get back to me (not one other person in the chain did). But his letter lacked empathy and seemed like a typical corporate response of acknowledgement without specific measures or follow-up. So, it's up to all of us to spread the word.

Transforming Corporate Culture – 21 Ideas about Accessibility that Can Change the WorldLet's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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