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Thursday, March 20, 2014


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Hi there everyone!!
Time Will Tell
Do you want to increase your efficiency and reach your peak performance? How do we maximize production and generate a better return on our investment?

It starts with knowing that we can be more productive, even if we won't get the results we want. It may not feel right to be productive, if we know know we're going to lose. We need to be productive, anyway. And therein lies the key! Read my article, Why Play When You'll Never Win

We hit the jackpot!! No matter how productive or unproductive we may be, we have this thing called life, with lots of time, and probably more money than most of the people on the planet. It's easy to be productive simply by not wasting what we already have. Read my article, Stop Gambling Your Time & Money Away

Now face it. These articles may not be enough to transform your life. To really raise your productivity, you'll want to take some personal development courses. It's not what you take, it's how you take it. Read my article, 3 Critical Steps to Starting a Personal Development Program RIGHT

And it's how you do it. Read my article, 4 Cornerstones to Doing Any Personal Development Program RIGHT

Productivity changes drastically based on which medium of transformation we are using. Read my article, 9 Mediums of Transformation

The classic tool of Goal-Setting is available with my own 'distinctive' twist. Read my article, S.M.A.R.T. Distinctions on Goal-Setting & Attainment

Don't just make goals every year. Work on them as often as you can. Here are some ideas to do it at the half-way mark: Read my article, 8 Reasons for "Summer" Resolutions!?

I bet you use e-mail! Here's a great lesson on productivity for your inbox time-wasters. Read my article, 6 Ideas to Get Through Your E-Mails FAST!

It's a world of social media, and your productivity in sharing and consuming will be greatly determined by your social sharing skills. Brush up with my article, 5 Hints for Social Sharing Optimization

Have you noticed that many of my articles are actually numbered lists? It helps with productivity, for you and for me. Use this great simple secret of numbering everything! For more details, read my article, 8.5 Reasons Why Numbered Lists Are Better

Up your productivity by being inspired by articles like this. Help others be productive by passing this along.

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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