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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Health & Relationships

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Hi there everyone!!
If you're searching for the person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.
Some of us think all we want is love. Others think that without health, we have nothing. Yet, there is something even more fundamental--that when we have it--makes health and love secondary. We can't always control our health or even our ability to love. But we can control these things, which will greatly impact our health and relationships... Read my article, 3 Things You Want

Exercise is overrated, too. However, it does provide a means to improve our physical health and attract new people into our lives. Read my article, 3 Reasons NOT to Exercise

It's simple. It's words. Change your words, and you change your health, and your relationships. Do you think that's too difficult? Read my article, 3 Sexy Steps to Transform Your Health through Words

Even the best athletes get their bodies in a mess. It can't be avoided. But we can discover ways to have ourselves go through ill health in an empowering way. Read my article, 10 Ideas to Overcome Physical Pain

Does it seem that some people are gifted with great healthy bodies and seem to fall in love with the perfect person? Others, despite the bad luck of some people's lives, they still end up decent health and loving relationships? How does that happen? Read my article, How Do We Survive?

The juice of every relationship is the quality of conversation and depth of connection experience. So have better conversations with yourself, and better conversations with others. Read my article, 3 Nuggets to The Art of Conversation

Let's go deeper. This is a skill. Nourish your relationships by improving the health of your conversations... Read my article, 6 Tricks to Good Conversations

Everybody has tough days. And you'll be most appreciated and valued when you learn to acknowledge, support, and be with people who are not doing as well as you are. It's not difficult to improve the health of others as you improve your own health and nourish a special relationship. Read my article, 4 Ways to Help People in Difficult Situations

Most people don't want to touch this subject, but I'm going to take you there. I go all the way, baby, and if you want to hit a home run with your health or relationships, then don't hesitate to explore taboo topics. Read my article, Let's Talk About Sex, Baby...

And continuing on this controversial theme, let's go back to primal basics. Money makes health and relationships easier and better (for the most part). Why do we deny this? Read my article, 7 Ways to Buy Love With Money

Nourish your health and relationships by being inspired by articles like this. Share the love.

Let's love the world together...

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