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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Career & Income

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Hey there everyone!!
Growing Your Own Food is like Printing Your Own Money
You only get what you ask for. The first lesson in developing a career is to know what you want, and then make authentic requests to get it. Read my article, Please read this - The Power of an Authentic Request

Is it easy? No, but it is simple, when we develop fundamental skills. Read my article, 3 C’s of Asking

There will be jerks, and just people we don't get. We must turn disadvantage into advantage when climbing that corporate ladder. Read my article, 9 Keys to Making Difficult Conversations Easy (+ Video)

It's not just about income, though. Napoleon Hill's classic, Think & Grow Rich, details so many different ways we can live a wealthy and fulfilling life. As a quick summary and further resource, check out my article, 12 Components of True Wealth

Whatever type of wealth we are seeking, it boils down to networking. But it's not who we know, it's who knows us. Who knows you? Read my article, 2 Keys to Networking

For the technical (or philosophical), it may be interesting to note all the different ways money is actually made. That way, our career won't be dependent on one income. Instead, we can enjoy multiple streams of residual income. Read my article, 10 Algorithms of Money Creation

In fact, we don't even need money to live. Really. We could get off the grid, or we could learn all sorts of new techniques. Read my article, 8 Methods To Financing Your Lifestyle

We are going to change careers many times in our lives. Even when we have income, what do we do with our time? Do you want to practice an art we love or be of service to others? How do we decide what to do? Read my article, 7 Paths to Your Occupation

If you haven't already, you'll probably venture into a home-based business at some point. It can be thrilling to do something so different and new. Rather than jumping the gun with the latest business you are presented, do your research and see all the options that are available to you. Develop a good nose for the right business by reading my article, 10 Notions Before Selecting Your Multi-Level Marketing Company

Finally, we don't just aspire to survive, but we develop to thrive. We want to go big time, and there's a science to that, too. Read my article, 3 Keys to Go Viral

Develop your career and boost your income in so many ways by being inspired by articles like this. Get what you want, by helping others get what they want (share this).

Let's love the world together...

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