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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Emotional Muscles

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Hi there everyone!!
Ride the wave of emotion as it comes and goes. Take a breath.
No matter what we go through in life, it is our emotions and feelings that we are always in control of, and can always choose to strengthen.

Our emotions sometimes seem overwhelming, for sure. We get confused and don't know what to do... Read my article, Where Do You Begin?

OK. Now what? We can't just stay in one place forever. We need to move, and it's not so important, where we are going, but HOW we are getting there... Read my article, How Do You Drive?

One way to drive, and exercise our emotional muscles, is to remember how lucky we are, no matter where we are at. Read my article, 10 Giant Reasons to Feel Lucky!

Of course, we will be lead astray. There will be side-roads not meant for us, and distractions that take us off course. But what are the really big lies that keep us from where we want to be? Read my article, 3 False Promises

A true master creates their own reality. So wherever we are, we need to know that that is where we need to be. Read my article, 9 Strategies to Justify Anything

Many things can stop up. But only two ever will. Read my article, 2 Things Can Stop You

Along a journey, a wise man/woman will give the exact potion you need to take you to the next level. Here are three little gifts from me to you... Read my article, 3 Transformative Triggers (+ Video)

Ultimately, you've got to know that you know your purpose and you will fulfill your destiny. Read my article, 2 Strategies to Believe in Yourself

See the future you want. Live into it. Know that your emotional muscles now take you further than ever before. Read my article, 4 Strategies to Zoom In on Your Dreams

It's scary. But you'll make it. Read my article, 4 Simple Steps to Feel the Fear...And Do It Anyway!

Strengthen your emotional muscles by being inspired by articles like these. Work it, baby.

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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