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Monday, May 20, 2013

Feel Lucky? Get a life.

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Hey there everyone!!

So many articles flow out of me that it hard to keep up.  In fact, there’s probably a bunch of good ones that you may have missed over the years.  Check them out on my blog, and share it with you friends so they too can capture the wealth of inspiration and personal transformation that awaits them!

7 Life Contexts

What are you doing with your life?  Lots of personal development programs talk about the importance of making goals, creating mission statements, and simply designing our lives, instead of just making a living.  Even more foundational, it may be useful to think of our overall life context, or archetype, to fit in one of the following seven main categories.

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10 Giant Reasons to Feel Lucky Now!

It’s easy to feel better when we contrast our circumstances with the rest of the world.  But intellectually understanding that there is starvation and poverty in most of the world may not be enough.  Contrary to mainstream belief, focusing on all the ills of the world people are experience can be empowering -- especially to see the vast categories of ills that there are.

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Making Difficult Conversations Easy

if you’re in network marketing, you know about difficult conversations.  If you follow a particular spiritual teaching or religion, these keys will help you, too.  Want to enroll someone in a course like the Landmark Forum?  This gets them there.  In fact, these keys are a great context to living life and having amazing conversations all the time.

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