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Monday, May 27, 2013

My All-Time Favorite Speakers

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Hey there everyone!!

Throughout my double tenure in the personal development industry, I have listened to, watched, and been with hundreds of motivational speakers and trainers spanning the spectrum of all categories.  Like many things in life, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Here are my heroes that I continually draw strength and wisdom from.

1. Anthony Robbins for Overall Transformation

Maybe I’m biased because Tony was my first at the age of fifteen?  I find that he gives so much technique, strategy, and insights into controlling and enjoying our lives – he’s not just “motivational”.  No other speaker has given me as many nuggets, gems, or ah-ha’s, as has this giant.

2. Casey Combden for Passion

It was the Amway network marketing business that gave me access to Casey Combden.  I was mesmerized as I watched him cry on stage in front of 20,000 people, screaming off the top of his lungs like a mad man.  I connected to his spirit.

3. Darren Hardy for Pragmatism

Every month I get to hear from Darren and those he interviews through SUCCESS magazine.  At A.C.N. International Conventions, I witness his elegant and sophisticated PowerPoint presentations as hey conveys complex ideas in a simplified format.  That’s the definition of genius!

4. Abraham Hicks for Channeling

Do you believe in channeling?  It doesn’t matter, because either way you’re going to love the information flowing out of this person at the speed of light.  It’s the same information over and over again, sounding different each time.

5. Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith for Articulation

My first impression of this guy was in the movie, The Secret.  But I wish they had him stand in that movie, because as I saw him speak in his own movie (Spiritual Liberation), he dances on stages as his whole body oozes out his message.

6. Marianne Williamson for Spirituality

More women need to be in the personal development industry because they can speak to love, relationships, and spirituality much more effectively than men.  Marianne Williamson not only delivers soulful content, she walks her talk by being so integral in the world peace movement.

7. Les Brown for Humor

Scenarios of Les struggling and striving are still ingrained in my memories as I hear his voice and chuckle.  He is a master, a legend, and I could just keep listening to him because his voice is so captivating and his energy is so engaging.

8. Mark Gorman for Stories

It’s not so much in the information people share, but in the pictures that they paint.  It’s those vivid movies that our imagination conjures up, that can later be replayed in detail.  Mark is a preacher, so he has a certain preachy style -- but that can be a good thing.

9. Stuart Knight for Entertainment

Charisma, charm, and a natural ability to perform on stage sets Stuart apart from so many motivational speakers.  His experience in producing a Broadway-style show gains him the ability to spontaneously add slam poetry, song, humor, and improv to any performance.

10. Alex Jones for Truth

You may not have heard of Alex Jones because he’s not necessarily in the personal development industry.  He does get very angry (his passion), but he is intelligent beyond belief with all the “truth” about what is happening in the world.  He’s an awesome speaker, and I think he warrants this list because of his promotion of personal development though people like Foster Gamble and Robert Kiyosaki.

The No/No’s?

There are some legends in the industry that I admire, respect, and have drawn much wisdom from.  However, I don’t really like listening to them very much (I focus so much on audio, being visually impaired).  I find Zig Ziglar’s voice to have too strong of an accent, Bob Proctor to be way too monotone, and Jim Rohn (who actually mentored Anthony Robbins) to be too “whiney”, pausing inappropriately like William Shatner.  I still love them all.  :)  I mention this so you can see the yin/yang, and understand that different speakers will relate to different people.

Explore, experiment, and experience.  Everyone has something to share of value, but the chemistry you have with someone special is priceless.

For some of you, I hope and am thankful that that distinct harmony/synchronicity might be with me.  :)

Let’s love the world together...

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