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Friday, March 22, 2013

UnSurprise Yourself!

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Hey there everyone!!

The universe has a funny way of teaching me things I don’t understand.

For example, as an ambitious teenager, I was trying to get in touch with several very high profile people and wondering why I wouldn’t even get an acknowledgement back from some.  Why can’t they simply reply back and say they are not interested?  Don’t they have enough agents/staff to do that simple task?

Fast forward many years later, and now I’m getting messages from a few people saying they are upset that I didn’t get back to them or acknowledge their communication.  I do my best, but there just isn’t enough time in the day to respond to every single person.

It’s a great lesson to learn, not to prejudge other people’s circumstances and priorities.  As Anthony Robbins teaches, don’t get frustrated -- get fascinated!

Today I was getting an awesome two-hour massage when I noticed the floor heater in the room was exactly the same brand and model of heater that I had when I was growing up!  This seemed interesting and surprising and cool.

But then I un-surprised myself and thought, “wait a minute, this company must have had thousands if not hundreds of thousands of this model made.  Of course I was bound to notice the same model somewhere, sometime.”

Even when it can be fun to be surprised, it can be very enlightening to realize why we are surprised, and maybe why we shouldn’t be?

Especially when communicating with others, let us become curious instead of shocked, and inquire instead of assume.

Unsurprise yourself today.

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