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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seven Kinds of April Fools

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Hey there everyone!!

While you may or may not be the recipient of an April Fool’s practical joke, we all have been played the fool sometime in life.  The question is, what kind of fool do we play?

Here you will find the interesting distinctions of seven kinds of fools.  We may not be able to avoid playing the fool, but we can always play a better fool:

1. The Ignorant Fool

These kinds of fool don’t even realize that they are being played.  They are unaware of the trickery, and go on in their daily lives unconscious of their victimhood.  Some would argue that the central banks have played the masses for fools, by manipulating monetary policy for the benefit of only the elite.  Our ignorance of this makes us ignorant fools.

2. The Angry Fool

There are fools who get upset and mad when they realize they have been played.  They complain, blame, and judge those that played them.  It’s unfortunate, because these angry fools are the ones that give being played a bad rep.  They are sore losers, and they can’t swallow their ego for the sake of a good gag.

3. The Sorry Fool

Sad and depressed gets this type of person once they have been played.  This is where a lot of people are, especially as a victim of April Fools’ pranks.  While they may not say it, they wish they weren’t played the fool, and perhaps contemplate ways they could have avoided it.

4. The Happy Fool

Good sports are happy fools because they understand that games are meant to be fun.  Sometimes, they take it up a notch, by really getting into it – maybe even becoming a bigger “loser” on purpose to entertain giggling onlookers.

5. The Proud Fool

A proud fool realizes that there is something to be gained in everything.  They perform their role to their full capacity, uncovering lessons and bringing meaning to their captured memories.

6. The Clever Fool

A gem is discovered by the clever fool who knows that they can now become the teachers of the lessons learned.  They find opportunities to gift the new wisdom by making fools of others, and continuing this human tradition.

7. The Transformed Fool

Finding ways of making the process better, bigger, and more enjoyable for all, are traits of the transformed fool.  They take old customs and modernize them with technology and infuse them with creativity while they record it all on YouTube.  This is the next generation of practical jokers.

When adversity happens in life, what kind of fool do you usually play?  Play with the previous seven distinctions, and up your foolish playfulness.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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