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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Confidence, Soul & Consciousness

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Hey there everyone!!

You're Invited to NowI'm MC'ing for our Real Wealth Mastermind event this Monday. The speakers are talking about confidence, soul, and consciousness. It's all about personal development, but what are the distinctions between topics that gives us more power?

Knowledge, Strategy & Practice

Confidence Level: Invincible!Our culture teaches us to achieve through the educational system. Processes like neuro-linguistic programming teach us to raise confidence by shifting our physiology. Popular psychology says focus on the positive.

Many people are astonished that I am able to navigate the city of Toronto so well considering I am legally blind. For me, it was simply about increasing my knowledge, employing sound strategies, and then just practicing rigorously. That raised my confidence and had me become very effective at navigation and mobility.

Intuition, Meaning, Acceptance

Is your soul at peace every night when you sleep?No matter how much we achieve, there is often a yearning for something deeper. What is that? Spiritual teachings say follow your heart and find meaning in something bigger than ourselves and this world. History shows us that we can't control everything and must let some things be as they are.

While I became functional and efficient, I had to find fulfillment in adverse situations I could not control. What was I to do? At times I would bypass my understanding and trust my instincts. I found deeper reward in seemingly unproductive scenarios. I realized I didn't need to achieve in order to be who I really am.

Awareness, Distinction, Intention

The goal is expansion of consciousnessDiving in even further, life isn't just a binary difference of science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. It is a spectrum of consciousness that gives use precise power to live freely with choice. Consciousness is the awareness of being aware.

What I really want most of the time is somewhere between--or the balance of--achievement and fulfillment. Asking questions like, “What do I really want?” would have me prioritize different aspects of my life and being, based on my mood at the time. Distinguishing what I want, what is possible, and my level of commitment, puts me in a place that is really comfortable and manageable.

Bring in the Experts!

The expert in anything was once a beginner.These are just my thoughts, which may be very different than what the experts have to say. The beauty of personal development is to see life from many different views, and than consciously choose which view is best for we at any given time. Enjoy Your View!

Confidence Expert - Jen Mulhall is the owner of Thrive 365. She is completely passionate about guiding others to live their best life, and educating them to thrive daily.

Soul Expert - Liz Scott has her Honours degree in Psychology and has been certified as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation. She is a certified instructor at the Canadian Coaching Academy.

Consciousness Expert - Deepak Manchanda is a Transformational Speaker and Life Coach, working with High Schools, Career and Skill Colleges, Universities, Employment Hubs, Self Employment Offices and Medium and Large Corporations.

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