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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ordinary Words' Visual Quotes

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"When we truly listen to people and get who they are, we see the beauty in them."
from the article, "3 Steps to a Beautiful Day"

Faith is when a possible success becomes an inevitable future.
from the article, "5 Levels of Faith"

Love is not reciprocated.  Love is joyously generated.
from the article, "Buy Love with Money?"

If you want to improve in something, then learn about it and have it be part of your conversations.
from the article, "3 C's of Asking"

Heavy breathing, moaning and panting are the sounds of nature and the building blocks of pleasure, connection, and love.
from the article, "Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!!"

When we learn to love ourselves for everything that we are, we learn to love others for everything they are.
from the article, "Who Are You, Really?"

"The quality of our network is as good as our ability to teach our network how to network." - Danish Ahmed
from the article, "If it wasn't for..."

"Sharing opens a doorway to connection." - Danish Ahmed Visual Quote
from the article, "Social Sharing Optimization"

Sharing is a Remindering
from the article, "How to Create Something New"

My Chinese Book
from the article, "Best Choice for Conference Keynote"

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