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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's catch up...

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Hey there everyone!!
Planetary Reality Show

Make it personal by calling me at 647-439-5011.

It's like a live, interactive reality show,
where we have a conversation about our lives.

Or get caught up by checking out my latest inspirational posts...

Character Or Reputation?My sister had me revise the “10 Character Traits” with much better visuals and more powerful quotes. It’s interesting how the e-mail list gets my “draft” versions, while those that view my blog will get the latest and greatest revisions.

See the Revised “10 Character Traits” here:

Deep Rest or Depressed?Do you want to know what got me out of my latest deep depression?

Here’s a NEW perspective on goal-setting.

Do you know entrepreneurs?

Support them, and support us, by “Mom & Popping Your Services”.

Gossiping Can Be Good, Too.There’s value in everything.

There’s even value in complaining.

This came up (and out of me) a couple weeks ago...

The Shift - A movie made by a movementAnd our most recent inspiring movie trailer...

Let’s love the world together...

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