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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tired & Uninspired

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Tired is being too physically exhausted to do something.  Uninspired is not having enough will or desire to do something.

Lots of people say they are too tired to do something when in fact they are only uninspired.  They may have a goal to meet several new business prospects but give-up on the account of being “tired.”  Then, they go off and play golf instead.  If they were truly tired, they wouldn’t have the energy to do many things, including golf.  The truth is, they didn’t have enough inspiration to see their goal through.

The side-effect of using tired instead of uninspired is that we create what we say.  If we say we are tired, even when we are not, then our bodies will naturally become more tired.  The golf game probably wouldn’t have been the best game.  We end up creating a worse state than simply dealing with the true state.

Sometimes when people are truly tired, they think they’re uninspired.  I’m excited about writing this book and getting it to market.  So, I write every chance I get.  Sometimes, I sit at the keyboard and don’t have a clue what I’m going to type.  I think I’m uninspired.  True, sometimes.  But other times, I’m simply exhausted.  I had a tough day or I’m going through another life crisis.  In that state, who can conjure up new distinctions?

What’s worse is that if I take the extra step and try to inspire myself, I become frustrated when it doesn’t work.  Of course it won’t work if I’m truly tired.  Because in that state, I need rest and relaxation.  No amount of inspiration can cause a body to be awake for days on end.  Yes, inspiration has its limits too.

Richard Kemph said, “Quotes are nothing but inspiration for the uninspired.”  Don’t read quotes when you’re tired, and don’t read books when you’re tired.  Maybe I should have mentioned this in the introduction.  If you read this book when you’re tired, chances are you won’t like it.  Read it when you’re uninspired!

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Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

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