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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Soul & Spirit

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Try this: “That was a spirited debate.”  Now try: “What a soulful discussion.”  The former may represent energy and passion.  The latter, touching and philosophical.  The distinction is not so much in the definition as it is in the context we use it.

Soul, spirit, whatever we call it, it’s pretty amazing.  It actually encompasses more than we may have thought, once we group it all together.  Realizing that our soul/spirit has a polarity of power, we can really live life by playing with the swap now and then.

“I’m not in high spirits today” tells your soul to retire as well.  Consider something like “I’m doing some soul reflection today.”

“I’m a lost soul” tells your spirits to die.  Consider something like “It’s time I get into the spirit of things.”

Art is great for helping us be more soulful.  Stella Adler says “Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.”  Personal development can be great to lift our spirits.  But it is through deep inner reflection that we lift our souls to a greater height.  Personal development isn’t just about reading this book.  It’s also about writing poetry, going out dancing, and being spontaneous.

Live life or life will kill you.
(This is a short chapter for a very good reason.)

Let's love the world together...

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

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