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Monday, April 22, 2013

Pressure & Stress

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I was listening to a Mark & Sandy Day tape when I came across this distinction.  I listen to so many tapes that when I get a brainstorm of a distinction, I simply write it down.  Then, when I’m at my computer writing about the distinction, I forget exactly what the distinction was.  So, I usually just think of it again - which I’m sure is sometimes different than what the originator had intended.

I then get this feeling of stress because I don’t know whether to quote my source or not.  I would hate to misquote anyone, but I’d also hate to make something sound like it was mine when in fact it isn’t.  Stress is something that pulls us in different directions.  It is a feeling of overwhelm because we are unsure as to what to do next.

The trick is transforming stress into pressure.  Pressure is simply stress focused in a particular direction.  Pressure pushes us towards a specific action.  With stress we are confused, but with pressure, we can realize what needs to be done next, and go ahead and do it.

Pressure usually is born from our subconscious.  Call it coming from our gut, our intuition, our Holy Spirit, or from God.  It springs from knowing what is ethic, moral and right.  In contrast, when we are doing (or not doing) something that is right, such as evading our creditors, we at least rightly categorize it as stress.

From pressure, I know I simply need to search my archives and find the source.  I need to re-listen or re-read my source to get refreshed.  From that action, I can decide whether quoting is appropriate or not.  But, life isn’t always that simple.  I couldn’t find the tape.  Thankfully, I’ve learned to make use of every situation, however negatively appearing, as positively as I can.  In this situation of describing the distinction, I’m sure Mark and Sandy won’t mind too much.

Harry S. Truman said “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”  Rather than coining the cliché “I’m so stressed out!” why not slightly change that to “I’m under a lot of pressure.”  Then, ask yourself where the most pressure is coming from.  Then take action to satisfy that pressure.  That’s a little distinction, but it is powerful.  Often, we don’t feel like taking action to alleviate our stress.  After all, that action can simply spawn further stress.  But if we know we are listening to a particular pressure, we are on a mission.

Don’t let this distinction go to far, though.  Sometimes when we’re stressed, we just need to do the simple things in life.  Relax.  Take a break.  Exercise.  Breathe.  Listen to music.  These activities can often be curative.  There are tons of resources available on coping with stress, such as “The Top 10 Ways to Chill Out when Stressed Out and Uptight” by Dennis Tesdell.  When these fixes don’t work, however, then is the time to examine the pressures in our lives.

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Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

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