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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Visual inspiration from a blind visionary

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Query Letter:
Visual inspiration from a blind visionary

No idea can fall away through inquiry

Dear Literary Agent,

My Chinese BookI self-published a unique book called "A Dictionary of Distinctions" which went on to become a best-seller in Canada (also translated into Mandarin) over ten years ago.

Since then, I have created a massive on-line platform as a personal development icon, having written hundreds of fascinating articles, produced dozens of short movies (millions of views), established a subscriber-base of 18,000 and continually generate to this day a social media reach of over 100,000 impressions a week.

A detailed biography can be viewed at I would love for my next book project to be with you, and here's the idea of visual inspiration:

Inspiring quotes have been around forever, but a new social media phenomenon has proven that “visual images” are much more viral.

Personal Development Definition

To that end, only in the last couple of years have people been taking inspiring quotes, and not only making them big and pretty with graphic art, but stylizing them with passion and effect to convey wisdom more subconsciously.

Visual Words are Better

A picture is worth a thousand words. Many (including myself) have used such viral images to grow their fan bases rapidly (not all images are viral, so there is a certain skill involved in selecting good quality with viral characteristics).

Artists Tell Their Story

What nobody has done is actually use such powerful images as a means of story-telling in their content-rich articles. This is why my inspiring articles are so unique--because they allow people to skim through visuals and capture the enlightening essence more succinctly.

Eyes Useless When Mind is Blind

The series of my "visual inspirations" come together to create a transformational book, full of inspiring chapters that have visual quotes supporting every nugget of wisdom. From health and relationships, to finances and spirituality, and twenty years of experience in the personal development industry, here comes the first series of visual inspirations from a blind visionary...

Let's go together...See more examples of visual inspiration through my blog at

Let’s love the world together...


[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary
+1 (647) 439-5011

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