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Thursday, November 30, 2017

TONIGHT: Comedy Show & Party

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Hi there everyone!!

You can come connect with me at my next live performance.  It's the first time I'm doing sketch comedy, ever!

I've done motivational speaking, facilitation, spoken word, dance, stand-up, improv, MC'ing, interviews, and special skills extra; but never a performer in SKETCH comedy.

Specifically, somebody else with script writing talent wrote the script.  But they know me, and they wrote to my natural character.  So is it really "acting" then?

Come, find out, and express your opinion to me at the after-party.

The FUTURE of surreal, political, sensical nonsense!

The Schmendrix & Friends Sketch Show hosted by Paul Bellini (The Kids in the Hall, This Hour has 22 Minutes) is a sketch comedy showcase of surreal, political, sensical nonsense.

A serialized sketch saga about an outlier family who somehow fell through the cracks of a madman's dystopian world vision:  Abe, Don, Gerry & Monte live their artistic truth while the Peters World Corporation tries to shape their existence.

Each episode a guest sketch troupe/artist performs some of their favorite weird sketches.

The Schemndrix & Friends Sketch Show:
Episode 1: American Thanks-Taking

Special Guest Friends: "EROTIC FRIEND FICTION'"
(TKO Improv Champions Big City Improv Festival, 2017)

Magic by Chris Mayhew

Plus a sketch written by Abram Taylor

The Schmendrix & Friends Sketch Show

Hosted by Paul Bellini
(The Kids in the Hall, This Hour has 22 Minutes)

Written & Produced by Alexey Ots
& Instant Cult Classic - A Production Company
Tech by Rob Bullets Bartlett & Darin Joyce
Sponsored by Drink Media & Rasta Pasta

The Schmendrix are:
Abram Taylor as Abe
Danish Saood Ahmed as Don
Gerald Mayhew as Gerry
Chris Mayhew as The Great Monte Cristo

Joe Thomas as Uncle Professor
Lauren Griffiths as Penny Peters
Steve Lee as Mr. Lee Peters
& Luke Peters as Luke Peters

Thursday, November 30, 2017
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM
The Social Capital
154 Danforth Avenue, Second Floor
Toronto, Ontario (near Broadview Subway Station)

We'll sell-out, so buy your tickets online and reserve your teleportation spot!

Online Tickets Sales: