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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sex, $$, Religion & Politics (The 4 Awakenings)

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Hey there Visionaries!!

It’s a shame that language can be used in such a destructive way -- where people are conditioned to disregard entire topics of significance simply because of what they think they already know about it.

Let’s start with religion.  There’s an awakening where many people today say, “I’m spiritual, not necessarily religious” because they are realizing a fundamental hypocrisy of religions (condemning nonbelievers).

The spiritual awakening is to consciously co-create with everyone for the greater good of all.

We’ve been conditioned not to talk about religion/spirituality in mixed groups so we don’t take a look at our greater purpose in life.  Isn’t that the most important thing of all?

Similarly, we’ve been conditioned to think of money as evil and may get turned off by terms such as “multi-level marketing.”  The financial awakening is to get out of the rat-race of exchanging time for money, and create sources of residual income so that we can do with our time what we love and what will make a difference for all of us.

Why aren’t we supposed to talk about politics with others?  The political structures of our planet directly affect the quality of our lives, and more significantly, the lives of our children.  Don’t we care about the direction of the human species?  Have we been so drugged and brainwashed as a culture that we have become apathetic to our own enslavement?

The political awakening is shattering the left/right (democratic/republican, conservative/liberal) paradigm.  It is understanding that social engineers have used the term “conspiracy theory” as a hypnotic trigger for people to dismiss valid information.

Finally, let’s talk about sex.  It’s fascinating to me when people get offended by a rare use of the word “fuck” to emphasize a point, and then they go and watch commercials/news on television with their children that have subliminal messages of incest and pedophilia.  If those who get offended would actually stop and listen to the lyrics of some rap artists who use that word often, they might realize that those artists are much more intelligent and socially conscious than they are.

The sexual awakening is to see substance, not cosmetics.  It is going past the physical cover into the divine essence of another person.  It is transcending from the superficial to the supernatural.  It is co-creation at its best.

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[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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