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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Special Tool

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Using my monocular, I scan the room…

All of you look so sexy.

I can’t wait to see your special tool!

Pointing to monocular...

This, is the one object I have kept the longest in my life. I got it 31 years ago, when I was just nine.

This is NOT a binocular. It’s a monocular, because it’s for one eye only—not two.

It’s a special tool that significantly impacts the quality of my life.

I carry this monocular around with me much of the time, because I’m 95% blind and need to see things better.

But when I first got my monocular, I didn’t want to use it. In fact, I didn’t.

It wasn’t until 2008 that I started utilizing its full benefits.

That’s 23 years that I could have been using my monocular, that I didn’t!

Maybe you’re not using your special tool to its maximum potential.

Or maybe you don’t even know what your own special tool is!

Shhhh. I’m going to tell you, what your special tool is.

But not right now.

First, let me share with you why I didn’t use my monocular.  Then I’ll illustrate the “ICE”y benefits.  Finally, I’ll conclude with what could be some of your special tools.

I didn’t I use my monocular because I didn’t want to be seen as different.

Nobody else needed a monocular!

I grew up and realized that I already look different.

I’m not going to let other people’s judgement of me, stop me from using my special tool. And neither should you.

I didn’t use my monocular, because I didn’t want to do the work.

It would take time, effort, and frustration to develop the skills necessary to use my monocular (like getting focus).

See, knowing what your special tool is, doesn’t make the tool useful. It takes practice, discipline, and commitment to put the “special” in special tool.

Are you willing to do the work to make your tool special?

I didn’t use my monocular, because I didn’t “see” the benefits.

As a child, unaware of my own blindness, I didn’t realize everything I was missing.

I was missing all the information on the blackboards in school, for example.

What have you been missing?

Maybe you’ve been missing “ICE”y benefits of a special tool:

I is for Improving productivity.

Imagine how much easier it is for me to find new places with my monocular.

Would you like to improve your productivity with the awareness of a new tool?

C is for Calming...

Even if I’m not using my monocular, knowing that it is with me gives me a sense of security.

How would it feel for you, knowing that at any time, you can rely on a special tool—your special tool?

E is for Experiencing more of life.

Watching plays, shows, and concerts with my monocular has given me a whole new appreciation for the arts.

Could your special tool open doors for you that you didn’t even know existed?

So, What Is It? What’s Your Special Tool?

Let’s uncover your special tool together:

First ask yourself, “What’s the biggest challenge in my life?”

Think about that for a second. What’s the biggest challenge in your life?

Now, you’re here. You’ve made it, and that challenge hasn’t stopped you. Yay!!

So, what’s the biggest way you have overcome your challenge?

Think about that for a moment. What’s the biggest way you overcome your challenge?

For some of you, the answer might take more than 5 seconds.

For others, that’s it!! That’s Your Special Tool!!

If you’re diabetic, maybe your special tool is insulin that you carry.

If you have asthma, maybe your special tool is your inhaler.

If you have mental health issues, maybe your special tool is meditation, or that special therapist you can always go back to.

If you’ve dealt with trauma in your life, perhaps your special tool is a heightened sense of awareness and compassion.

Are you comfortable using your special tool?

When I was a child, I used to look up at the stars and say, “God, is this what’s meant to be? An albino who can’t see!! Why is life so f**king difficult for me?”

To get through it, I had to get comfortable using my special tool.

Are you comfortable using your special tool?

Well, enjoy the improvement in productivity, the calming, and the experience.

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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