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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is This Your Problem?

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Hey there everyone!!

Attitude ProblemSometimes the obvious answers to personal questions aren't really the true answers.

If we were to ask someone, for example, what they love most about their life, the automatic answer may be that which was true many years ago, and now has become a default response out of ease. Maybe it's the answer that they think they are supposed to give. Maybe their answer is the ideal that they strive for but haven't yet achieved.

Similarly, the problems we face in life may not necessarily be the real problems before us. That's why it can be so challenging... We can't see our blind spots. Could it be that we're working on the wrong problems?

Meta Data

Metaphysical Map - Why You Are Here...I learned about meta data early in life through my love for technology. Meta data is data about the data. A computer needs to know how to process data before any data is useful. Meta data describes what the data will look like so that it can be processed as it was meant to be. Therefore, all data in computer systems in the world have meta data somewhere in their architecture.

Sometimes data gets corrupt, and so a system malfunctions. Other times, the data is perfectly in tact, but the system is not working properly. What's wrong then? It could be the meta data.

Meta Is Everywhere

People don't always need advice.  Sometimes, all they really need is a hand to hold, a ear to listen, and a heart to understand.In personal relationships, fighting about a certain subject can turn into fighting about how the fight got started. That's a meta fight.

Do you give advice on how to give advice? That's meta advice.

Transcending and becoming conscious of any meta subject gives us more power to create the results we want.

What Are Your Meta Thoughts?

Fixing ThinkingNetwork marketer, Dexter Yager teaches, "You've got to learn to study things -- not see things the way they are, but see the truth behind what you're seeing."

I try to get myself into a habit when I have a thought, I immediately wonder “Where did that thought come from? What is the source or the trigger?” Then, I consider whether the thought was empowering, and if it is a thought I'd like to entertain on a regular basis?

What's My Meta Problem?

The problem isn't the problem.  Your reaction is the problem.Being so ambitious, I've never allowed my disability to be the sole reason of saying no to anything. I've traveled the world, have endured extreme recreational adventures, and have inspired thousands of others to see beyond perceived limitations.

However, one my therapists helped me uncover that I have an internal dialogue about how my disability has been a disadvantage for me and how nobody will ever understand my hardships. While that may be true, what comes off to some people is resentment.

My disability has not been my problem. It's the relationship I have to my disability that has been my problem. It's not so much about accessibility to the rest of society, as much as it is about inner peace within me.

What's Your Meta Problem?

We don't grow when things are easy.  We grow when we face challenges.Do you think you have a financial problem? Maybe it's actually the relationship you have with your problem that is your problem. Find the problem in the problem.

Do you have a problem in your relationship? Maybe the problem isn't the problem. Maybe the problem is the way you see the problem.

In any area of your life that you may have a problem, authentically consider, what is your meta problem?

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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