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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Enjoy Your Pee

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Hey there everyone!!
Can money help us rise above the petty problems of life?
As I was beginning my personal development over twenty years ago, I came across a speech by Dexter Yager where he explained that a major motivation for abundant wealth is to rise above the petty problems of life. When our finances our handled, our focus moves to more complex challenges, such as family, purpose, philosophy, spirituality, charity and humanity.

Life good or bad?For instance, if a poor person gets into a major car accident that destroys their vehicle, their primary concern may be financial stability, whereas a wealthy person’s attention will probably be solely on their health and safety.

Since I saw my life as being full of petty problems, I aspired to this wealth ideal. For me, the petty problems were tenfold the average person’s due to my sight limitations. Getting lost, getting hungry, being isolated and being in danger were all issues that caused me severe irritation, frustration, and depression.
Enjoy what is happening
It seemed that having opulent wealth would solve those issues through a full-time driver, a mobile chef, and a complete entourage of helpers to be my eyes and make my life easy.

Instead, I mastered my mind and became productive, efficient, and fully integrated into society. Multi-tasking like there’s no tomorrow, I was half-joking with a friend and said, “I wish I didn’t even need to pee. What a waste of time that is!” She insightfully suggested to me that I must enjoy my pee.  Later I realized that that also meant enjoying needing to go, and enjoying finding a place go (especially when traveling).

I was wondering what keeps my mind most occupied and engaged. Sometimes there are high-level goals that I can’t take action on immediately. Sometimes there are problems that I don’t want and try to get rid of as quickly as possible, like needing to make money, getting hungry, getting tired, having a headache, being sick, repairing tools, buying clothes, running errands, making appointments, doing paperwork, taking care of emergencies, having a hernia, experiencing boredom, and helping other people with their problems.

Attitude ProblemWhat’s the point of all that in life? Then it hit me -- that those problems are life. And that’s the paradox. While I may strive to rise above the petty problems of life, true fulfillment comes from enjoying the petty problems of life.

Perhaps the first step is not to see those problems as petty, but rather profound.

Everything is holy now. Enjoy your pee.

Let’s love the world together...

Life described in one sentence...Love,
[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

"I was asking myself why I was having these obstacles in my life…then I suddenly became aware that these obstacles were my life, and I began to enjoy them."
- John Kanary
"My life is perfect Because I accept it as it is."
- Lenny Kravitz

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