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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mom & Pop Your Services

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Hey there everyone!!

Growing Your Own Food is like Printing Your Own MoneyYou probably realize that it makes more sense to buy merchandise from neighborhood retailers rather than give your money to big-box, multi-national corporate monopolies. You would much rather support people you know, and make healthier lifestyle choices. You understand organic non-chemical products are better for our bodies and the environment. You know that fair trade, co-ops and local markets create a more sustainable economy.

But did you know that the biggest purchases of our lives – the purchases that we make over and over again, month after month – most people will probably still make solely with inhuman companies that may not have their best interests at heart?

Say Yes - Branson Takes OpportunityThere is now a way to redirect this consumer power back into the hands of entrepreneurs you know. There is a way you can help yourself, a way to help me, and a way to help the world.

What are these Essential Services that We’re Using Every Month?
  • Digital & Wireless Phone Service
  • Natural Gas & Electricity
  • High Speed Internet Service
  • Television
  • Home Security & Automation
  • Merchant Services for Business Owners
Measure Wealth by Love, Truth & WisdomLarge infrastructure needs to be invested for these technologies, so we need the big boys to play with us. But instead of spending marketing dollars on advertising, we can participate in getting paid by signing up customers within our social reach.

It’s easy to try any of our services through our web site.
Could you do me this huge personal favor and check it out?

The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

Universe is Madly in Love with You...Money doesn’t always come from the places we expect it nor where we put most of our energy, necessarily. While I love writing inspiring article, motivational speaking, and maintaining this personal development blog, it doesn’t really pay the bills. For the last four years, because I shared this concept of “essential home services” with enough friends, I’ve been making enough money to cover costs of my “passion” businesses.

To reach the next level of qualification, I need your help to try one of these essential services, and become our customer. If you enjoy any of the content I create or promote, then your action will be funding what I do. For example, when you pay any of your monthly bills, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that part of the money is going to Danish Ahmed who is using that money to inspire and motivate people around the world.

It’s easy to try any of our services through our web site.
Could you do me this huge personal favor and check it out?

If you have any concerns or questions, call me at (647) 439-5011 and I will be happy to walk you through anything you may need.

A different world cannot be build by indifferent people.Is Money Really the Issue?

We’ve partnered with big brands you’ll recognize, so there’s nothing to worry about. Some prices may be cheaper, some a bit more, or others about the same; none of that is really going to make a big difference in the long-term. What will make a difference in the long-term is supporting causes, organizations, and people that we know, like, and trust -- and consciously living by our core values.

Excellence is Not One Time Thing

When we make a conscious choice to buy a product we believe in, that’s awesome. What creates lasting change is when something becomes a habit, part of a lifestyle, and eventually becomes unconscious. When we pay for our essential services every month, then that becomes part of an automated habit and eventually a default lifestyle that consistently sends a message to the universe.

Excellent Habit is Not an ActI’m not a mom nor a pop, but I am a social entrepreneur on a mission to transform people lives. Help me help more people.

It’s easy to try any of our services through our web site.
Could you do me this huge personal favor and check it out?

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

Billions in Network MarketingP.S. If you’re an entrepreneur and would like to do what I just did (get customers from your social reach), then we can make even more money together. Check out our web site: and contact me directly.

P.P.S. Share this e-mail with friends, entrepreneurs and business owners you know.

Danish Ahmed & Andrei Losinski
A.C.N. IBO#: 01120083
Call: (647) 439-5011

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