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Friday, November 27, 2009

My teachers tried to tell me, but I didn't listen...

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Hi Everyone!!

I liked math and science, but was not interested in history.

My teachers said, “If you don’t learn from the past, you’re bound to repeat it.”

I thought, “If I focus on what I don’t want, I’m bound to repeat that, too.”

Choosing to focus on my life and community, I didn’t learn much about history.  But being an astute observer of reality, I do see what’s going on today:

Today, innocent people are being tortured by our governments so that they confess crimes they did not commit.  Today, there are increasing restrictions on free speech, freedom of the press, and the Internet.  Today, police are unlawfully attacking and aggressively interrogating honest and innocent protesters/activists.

Some people, like author Naomi Wolf, wrote a New York Times best-seller which correlates in detail that this is exactly what was happening in Germany before the Holocaust.  There is a whole movement of people bringing awareness to our society heading towards a dictatorship like that which formed in Germany.

History is repeating itself, and many people are living in denial.

It’s time to wake them up.  We have the Internet today and we can transform humanity now.

Sometimes humor can transform by communicating very quickly and powerfully.

Watch this hilarious video which explains war with humor.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, Visionary

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  1. Very Much to the point Danish! The George Carlin video is right on. If you would like suggestions to add to your blog, I'd be happy to contribute when I find something appropriate unless of course you wish to limit your perspective. Braven

  2. Sometime Danish we must look back to understand what we can DO NOW to create the change we would like to see later. A friend introduce me to what I think is a brilliant idea and then seemed to have ignored it himself. I have forwarded your love movie to my entire list and ask that you forward this website to yours, and this is the site my friend told me about