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Monday, July 15, 2013

BLIND VISION: A Transparent View

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Hey there everyone!!

What’s your favorite color?  When people ask me what my favorite color is, I often say “transparent”.

Well, it’s used to be “opaque”, but then I got some “clarity.”  :)

That’s what my “blind vision” is like.  It’s a trust in being 100% myself, knowing that that is who I am meant to be to fulfill my destiny.

My friend (Lee Jenkins) and creator of the popular Think & Grow Rich page on Facebook (>250,000 likes), suggested that he interview me, asking me questions about my BLIND VISION.

Since I love to talk, and this would be a great reason to visit Whitby and have tons of fun with a great friend, we shot a quick one-take video.  I love what I come up with spontaneous in the moment!

I think you’ll love it too.  Press play below, and pass it around.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. How do you 'drive'?

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