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Friday, May 3, 2013

It’s right under your nose…

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Hey there everyone!!

“Acres of Diamonds” is a popular speech by Russell H. Conwell in the personal development industry, as it conveys the idea that all the opportunity, achievement, and fortune we are seeking is already present in our community.

I was browsing my own archives of articles and promoted videos over the last ten years, and found a whole bunch that I had forgotten about!  Look what I found:

My Life Poetry: I Know What It's Like..., I Will Change the World for You, "Intimacy, Chemistry, Love & Desire", The Pain Game, "Drawing the Line Between Love & Integrity", From Gangster Rap to Ordinary Words, There is no time, An intimate conversation

Inspiring Songs & Videos: Let's love the world together..., The Beat Goes On, You Are My Rhythm In Life, We Are Ready

Other songs by Paul Hoffman: I Love My Life, The World Is Calling..., I Make A Difference

Other songs By Bon Jovi: What About Now?, Because We Can, Welcome to Wherever You Are

Other Ordinary Words' Promotions:
The Wayseers Manifesto by Garret John
Occupy Love by Charles Eisenstein
Thrive Theme Song by the Thrive Movement
Ah-ha! by Milena Vigliotta
Take The Step You're Taking by Chris Assaad
I Choose Love by Shawn Gallaway
Unite for Compassion from the HUB Empowerment CD
An Empowering Video for Women by Stuart Knight

Watch or listen to any of these at:

It’s amazing how much I have done over the years.  And it’s not so much about creating new content, as it is about packaging great content in a new way, so new fans like you can have it all.

What do you already have in your resources that maybe you have forgotten?  Take inventory, and discover the answers that is are right under your nose!

Let’s love the world together...

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P.S. You’re not just helping me, but at least 21 other people who have created these amazing productions.  Give to your friends by sharing great gems with them today.

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