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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 Random Personal Development Examples

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Hey there everyone!!

While the definition of personal development is broad and broadens over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to convey the vastness of opportunities of personal development that anyone can choose from.

So this week I participated in three great events that I thought I would use as an example to illustrate both the variety of paths and the potential of undiscovered possibility that you may choose to experience in your personal growth journey.

1. Communicadance

This is a form of improvised contact dance that I bet you have never seen!  If you think “You Think You Can Dance?” shows all forms, think again.  I don’t know why maybe no one has auditioned in this style yet?

It looks beautiful, is very intimate, and is a spontaneous demonstration of human connection.  It’s also more easily seen then explained, so watch a short video here:

Contact improvisation jams, workshops, and festivals are happening just about every day in countries that span the globe. The founder of Communicadance™, Alex Perlman, facilitates an afternoon gathering every month in Toronto and word is spreading for the next one on June 23rd.

What I love about Communicadance™ is the open environment for communication that’s fostered there along with learning the skills and simply enjoying the dance. Each person is accepted for who they are and so what we’re really learning is how to meet at the point of mutually enjoyed contact.  You can join the Meetup group here to get notified about the next Toronto event when it’s posted.

2. Drum Circle

A drum circle is a great way to connect with your soul in community.  You don’t need to drum, just dance!  It builds teamwork skills, is a great social experience, and corporate trainers use it as well.  Join me at Drummers in Exile or try some other type of theatre sports.

The vastness of activities doesn’t end.  For self-defense, I practiced Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and Kung-Fu at different times in my life.  Wondering how many different versions there might be, I “wiki-ed” it...  Needless to say there are a hundreds of varying styles for various countries around the world!

3. The Official Cuddle Party!

I actually got to go to a cuddle party with the creator, Reid Mihalko!, who has seen it grown to an international phenomena.  Each party starts with an awesome workshop on communication that teaches how to make an authentic request and then creates a context for answering Yes, No, and being able to change our minds.  This is also great life skill, which is why a cuddle party is so much about personal development.

Have you heard of Laughter Yoga?  The diversity of options in the healing arts is unconscionable.  From touch therapy, to color/light therapy, and even simple massage that can be classified into Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Raynor, Reiki, etc., the list goes on...  I also recommend checking out the Human Awareness Institute.

Yes, some of these examples may seem “out there”, but that proves they will take you outside of your comfort zone (where personal growth happens).  I bet you can find the course that fits right at home with you.  And if you want to go all the way, let’s talk about sex.  And if you want to go even further, there are psychedelic, life-altering, drug experiences like Ayahuasca/Iboga, but that can be quite controversial.  ;)

It’s your first journey -- to find your personal development vehicle of choice.

Let’s love the world together...

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