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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feelings, Guts & Intuitions

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All three are forces we use to help us in making decisions to taking actions.  The beauty is that none of them are based on logic or reason.  Yes, all decisions we make are emotional decisions (despite how much logic we use to justify them), but these three forces top the cake.

A feeling is just that.  It’s a subtle feeling that nags us to do something in a general direction.  We can’t explain it.  But we do feel compelled to listen to it.  However, it is not very strong.  Sometimes we listen, and sometimes we don’t.  It’s not always right.  Sometimes we should have listened, and sometimes we should not have listened.  There are no guarantees with feelings.

Guts, of course, are a metaphor.  I don’t know why or how that metaphor was created.  Nonetheless, guts are a much stronger version of feelings.  They really drive us to make a particular distinction or decision.  It’s really difficult to fight our guts.  The good news is that our guts are usually right.  Our guts don’t provide us with any insight, they are just there.  So it is hard for us to consider how valuable they are because we are always looking for reason or evidence to justify any action we take.  Either we have guts or we don’t.  It is difficult to cultivate our guts.

Intuitions are magical.  They are spiritual or cosmic forces that help us on our destined path in life.  They guide us in making the right decisions in our life.  Intuitions are not as compelling as having guts, but they do provide more details and insight.  Intuitions often give us hallucinations or create imagery in our minds which we have the opportunity to evaluate.  Sometimes intuitions create a new energy within our bodies that helps us to understand what is going on and what we need to do about it.  In special cases, intuitions even lead towards telepathy or psychic powers.  Intuitions can be very powerful and we can learn to harness them in order to use them more effectively and have more of them at our disposal.

We tend to generalize things.  And generalizing only loses distinctions.  We think, as humans, we have only logic and emotion.  But there are so many levels to each!  And each level can be spawned into its own paradigm.  There’s so much we have in our arsenal.  And there’s so much information available about it.  For instance, read the book, “Want Success in Business?  Hire Your Intuition” by Lynn A. Robinson.

Feelings are great to get us to think.  Guts are great to get us into action.  Intuitions are great for allowing us to explore the spiritual world.  All three have their strengths.  When we realize which one of the three we are experiencing at any moment, that’s when we can use this distinction to more effectively make use of the force.  Mixing-up the three only confuses us and doesn’t allow us to make maximum use of them.  We have many powers as a human being.  We are like super-heroes.  And like some super-heroes, we must learn to use our powers wisely.

Let's love the world together...

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

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