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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Attitude, Effort & Prayer

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I believe that these are the three attribute pillars to success.  Think about it.  Any quality that demonstrates a successful character can be somehow grouped into this trinity.  Persistence, for example, is an element of effort.  Confidence is an element of attitude.  And even luck, can arguably be an element of prayer.

I think when most of us are striving to reach that next rung of success, we become stuck in one of the paradigms.  We might think that it all has to do with effort.  So, we work harder, we work longer hours, we cause more strain and stress on ourselves.  We get twice as many clients or another job.  We really go overboard.

Then, there are those of us who get fixated on attitude.  We try to exert for conviction and smile more.  We say affirmations to ourselves whenever we get a free moment.  We read positive books rigorously on the subway or in the waiting room.  We sign up for every extra curricular activity there is.

The third group becomes much more spiritual.  They try all sorts of holistic approaches to medicine if they are sick.  They meditate for hours on end or take up a new practice in yoga.  They may even check out the neighborhood Church of Scientology.

The truth is that life of course is an integration of these three pillars.  When we are in the framework of one, we tend to go to the extreme because that is all our limited vision can see.  All three of these pillars are important to ensure our success.  If we exercise each one in moderation, we are sure to succeed.

This also doesn’t mean that we need to allocate 33.33% of our resources to each pillar.  What we might consider doing is evaluating how much time we’re spending on each, and how effective each is to us personally for the situation that we are currently in.  It may be that we are very good at two of the pillars but have absolutely no experience in the third.  In this instance, it may be wise to spend some extra time exploring that pillar in detail.

When reaching for our goal, let us work like it depends on us, pray like it depends on God, and act as if it we have already achieved it.

Let's love the world together...

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

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  1. these is best success philosophy(well summurised yet complete) thanks