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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Social Sharing Optimization

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Hi there everyone!!

Of course you may have “liked” something on Facebook, or “shared” something of interest to you in other social media outlets.

But do you really understand the value and benefit of socially sharing?  More importantly, do you maximize your exposure, reach, and viral for your passions, causes, or businesses?

Like It A Lot!

A simple click on a “like” can make a world of difference.  The more people like status messages, photos, or links, the more likely they are to be seen by friends, friends of friends, and the general public (privacy settings permitting).  If something made you smile, by NOT clicking on “like”, you may be depriving someone else of a smile.  :)

Share, But Not All At Once

Timing is everything, even in social media -- especially in real-time.  Some people find a bunch of stuff they want to share, and share it all at once (or even within the same hour)!  Much of that stuff will never be seen by anybody, or worse, may be seen as spam.

Instead, space out your postings in regular intervals.  This way, you maximize exposure to each item, and you reach a larger market (people use social media at different times, and reaching people at various times means reaching more friends of friends).

Comments Make You Real

Real engagement happens in conversations and group discussions.  YouTube and other platforms use the frequency and depth of comments as a measure of whether something is prioritized in search results, syndicated in news feeds, or recommended through various top charts.  Express yourself.  More will notice who you are, value your input, and then seek you out!

The Mutual Friends’ Technology

We have always known that we have mutual friends with many people.  But never has it been so easy to find out exactly who those mutual friends are...  Just go to anybody’s profile on Facebook, and in the Friends section you will see exactly who all your mutual friends are.  And if you don’t remember a mutual friend, click on “See Friendship” and uncover how your relationship has been tracked through photos, events, and interests.

Maybe you know this, but have you used it?  For example, when enrolling someone into a business opportunity, see if you have mutual friends first and then approach the prospect with that knowledge.  They will have a greater listening for you, and you will have more posture.  Use the “See Friendship” feature to be reminded of your history, and use that knowledge to reconnect with someone who may not remember you.

What’s next with the Social Graph?

“My friends who like road trips”, “Bands my friends listen to”, “Friends who work at my company and like to ski”, “National parks my friends have been to”, and “Photos of my friends before 1995” are all examples of searches Facebook will soon provide.  Start thinking in this social paradigm now, and get a heads up on what’s possible for you, your community, and our world.

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P.S. Use the above article to build a personal development community.  It’s like Net Flicks for Personal Development

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