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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Four Marketing Tricks

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Hey there everyone!!

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone with all the bizarre things going on.  Have you experienced any of these...

1. Psychological Trickery

Have you seen the headline “Get up to 50% off and more!”?  What the heck does that actually mean?  The “up to” means that the sale could be 0%, and the “and more” says that it could theoretically be 100% (of course it won’t).  So really nothing useful is communicated -- it is just a lure for us to get into a store.

2. Way Too Fine & Fast Print

Have you seen a commercial on television that literally shows a dozen lines of fine print text for about two seconds?  Who could possibly read that?  Even if we have a TiVo and free-frame, some of the text is so small that it is illegible.  Not to mention the legalese used that is confusing and misleading.

3. Highlighting the Expected

Isn’t it interesting that so many brands promote their competitive pricing, the great quality of their products, AND professional customer service?  Shouldn’t those attributes be a default for all businesses?  I would think that a fair price, good product, and responsive support should be a forgone conclusion.  Instead, they could provide value and focus on the true uniqueness of these product offerings.

4. Promising of Primal Desires

Why do so many companies promise ultimate health, unlimited wealth, fairytale love, and fantasy sex (sometimes subliminally)?  Doesn’t it just make everything look/sound the same?  We live in an ego-based culture where it’s about telling us everything we are going to get from consuming a particular product.  Instead, let us hear about why they chose that product to promote, and why they are passionate about it.

I trust that we’re now moving more into a society where authenticity and transparency are prioritized.  And so it is less about mass marketing, and more about being real.  And that’s when we can go viral.

So if you like what you have read, please continue the viral.  Share this article with your friends, and contribute to shifting the consciousness of our humanity.

There’s no trickery and no fine print in our offerings.  You can expect the expected.  But we may still trigger your primal desires because we’re not over that one yet.  :)

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P.S. The world doesn't change when lots of ignorant people become super positive.  Jim Rohn said “if you take an idiot and motivate him, you get a motivated idiot.”  The world changes when enough conscious and intelligent people raise their standards of integrity for the world -- that is usually done by getting mad enough first, and that's usually called a revolution in history.

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