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Friday, October 28, 2011

Do you Understand the 99%? #Occupy

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Hello 99%ers!!

People see me walking independently (not hitting a thing) and find it difficult to understand how I can do that if I’m basically blind.

I’m successful 99% of the time (not hitting things/people) because I use my intelligence, my instincts, my intuition, and my memory.  In certain cases, I’m simply lucky because I’m guessing and going on faith.

But what does that 99% that I “see” really mean?  Many people need to simply things and so are conditioned to think in polarities – either black or white, up or down, blind or sighted.  So naturally, many people feel I’m just as functional as anybody else, because I am “99%” functional.

That 1%, however, means a completely different way of being, mindset, and lifestyle.  It means inconveniences and missed opportunities that are unconscionable to the average person.  Understanding that 1% makes all the difference in the world.

Similarly, when I had been showing friends how the Internet is being censored, they would laugh and call it a conspiracy theory -- because they did not understand what it means to censors something incrementally, starting at 1%.

Do you think censorship would start at 100%?  That would create too much opposition.  But what if web sites that were “censored” worked 99 times out of a hundred?  Then everybody would think that the web site is still working.  Would that really make a difference in the grand scheme of things?

Yes.  That 1% makes all the difference in the world (particularly when we understand “viral lift” and the exponential growth of information through social sharing).  And until we acknowledge what/who that 1% really is, we will not understand what it is we are opposing.

The 1%ers aren’t the millionaires and business owners in our society.  Millionaires and business owners are usually good people who contribute positively to our communities.  Really, the 1%ers are the people who control media for propaganda, use politicians to manipulate laws, hide under corporations to obscure liability, and leverage investment instruments for fraud.

It’s important to try to look at the big picture as much as possible.

It’s easy to think that I’m completely sighted when people first see me.  But after spending a couple of hours with me, they usually figure out I’m not faking it.

It’s easy to see the Internet as a “free” system where most of our searches still generate interesting, and seemingly relevant results.  But when Facebook starts giving the wrong information about OUR posts -- that’s when we might stop and think for a minute.

And it’s easy to blame people who have more “wealth” than us, and believe they are the 1% we are opposing.  But the real 1% are using classical warfare to get two enemies fighting with each other (funding both sides), as they sit back in their offshore mansions, laughing at the protesters who are getting tear-gassed by police who don’t know any better.

It seems that the 1% may be the “extreme” of our current reality.  But truly, the 1% is: what we don’t know we don’t know -- that which is outside of our current reality.

It’s outside of most people’s current reality that a blind person can be more functional than most sighted people.

It’s outside of most people’s current reality that censoring a small percentage of traffic to a particular web site would affect mass consciousness.

And, it’s outside of most people’s current reality that the 1% are not the successful business people and politicians that we see – but rather that these people are merely puppets and just as much as slaves to the system as we are.

The awakening is therefore internal... becoming conscious of a greater spectrum -- knowing that the 1% we once hated, is actually part of the 99% that we are... and understanding the true 1%, is learning to uncover what we don’t know about what we don’t yet know.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. Highly Recommended Feature-Length Awakening Movie

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