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Monday, November 8, 2010

November 11 is NOT what you think...

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Hi there everyone!!

Back in school, I was taught about honor and duty on Veterans Day (it’s called Remembrance Day in Canada).

I even delivered a speech in front of 2,000 fellow high-school students on why, for this generation, “Acknowledgment Day” would make more sense over trying to “remember” something we did not experience.

Up until this year, I wore a poppy representing my respect and appreciation for the freedoms I enjoy.

Now, in the mainstream media, I see messages (excuses) for why we need to extend the war in Afghanistan (which should have already ended, or never even been started).

When I looked-up this day on Wikipedia, I affirmed my instinct that this was a day created as a symbol to END war (and for humanity never to be at war again).  Today, this day is used as an excuse to continue illegal wars.

This is Double Think and mind control.  If you think this doesn’t affect you, realize that the money you spend is funding these illegal wars, genocide, drug trafficking, and corruption.

Some may be afraid to bring up these topics with others.  Well, now is the best time...

If somebody is wearing a poppy, then they are publicly saying that they have an opinion about this subject.  So, engage them in exploring the depth of that opinion.  This is how we awaken humanity.

We have the solutions.  Now is the time.  11/9/10

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P. S. Keep it simple by sharing the fundamental hypocrisy of war in trying to create a world of love.  The shift in consciousness is from self/ego to co-creation/collaboration.  Let’s call it “Transformation Day!”

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  1. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.
    Oscar Wilde