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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The first duty of love -- is to listen. Here’s how.

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Hi there everyone!!

First I would like to acknowledge everyone who e-mailed me about promoting the feature-length movie last week.  It is an awakening for all of us to understand the true nature of our world constructs.  I appreciate you being on this journey of humanitarian transformation.

We know that some of the issues are controversial, and that the wrapping may appear to some as negative.

Remember, the foundation of everything is how you listen.

Listen to 2-minutes of a keynote I did about listening.

You can listen to anything inside of a positive context.

The biggest negative thing you can do is to avoid something that you have already attracted for good reason.

So make the time to watch the feature presentation which follows.

You may think you are putting your focus on paying your rent...  Be aware, that a big portion of that (half of your taxes) is actually funding illegal wars and the brutal killings of innocent people you don’t know in countries you probably never visited.

Those people are your brothers and sisters of humanity.

Let go of your resistance.  It’s conditioned behavior from mass media propaganda.

It’s time to wake up now, and it’s time to change the world.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, Visionary

P. S. We’re using e-mail, social networks, and video sites on the Internet (which are awesome), to compete against corporately funded media giants that broadcast to hundreds of millions of people 24 hours a day, with staffs of people who research human psychology for decades to manipulate your behavior.

Please share this information.  This fight (or "authentic truth and love expansion", for you law-of-attraction, Obama-hope religious fanatics), is worth it -- in fact, isn't it what you've always lived for?

P. P. S. I’ve been waiting 22 years for this day.  :)

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