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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Workshop: The Art of Receiving

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The Art of Receiving

Do you know that there is abundance in the world, yet have difficult creating abundance in one or more areas of your life?

Have you felt that you put in lots of effort, yet don’t see the rewards that you deserve?  Is life just simply treating you unfairly and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired?

These have been some of my challenges.  And I can show you how to overcome them.

“The Art of Receiving” Workshop will walk you through my life story, with practical exercises that can help you shift your life and overcome any adversity now.

You will uncover:
  • The three devil tricks that keeps us from receiving abundance
  • A two minute exercises that can shift your state immediately
  • Powerful communication techniques to get exactly what you want
  • Specific character traits and personality styles you can benefit from
  • Your own personal barriers and how to destroy them
Feel confident to live a life you love in all the areas of life!
  • Receive love through nourishing relationships
  • Receive vitality from a healthy body
  • Receive peace within your spiritual soul
  • Receive capital to create your projects
  • Receive vision and foster more community
Enjoy a unique, authentic and transparent style of speaking, with captivating visuals, multi-media, and an open discussion where no question is left unanswered.

Book Danish Ahmed for a workshop today!
Call +1 647-439-5011

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