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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Colorado Massacre Conspiracy

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Hello there everyone!!

Good for you, if you haven’t heard about the Colorado Massacre yet – you are avoiding mainstream brainwashing and social engineering.

What good can ever come from reporting on this stuff?  Maybe, just maybe, there is an argument for local residents needing to know.  However, do people in other states, and countries all around the world really need to know about this in immense detail, repeated 24 hours a day on every single media outlet?

Should we have more youth programs?  Should we have more police?  The solution is so simple, and it’s right underneath everyone’s nose.  To stop these things from happening, STOP reporting on them!!!

There is so much good news out there, too.  There are so many people, groups, and communities out there that are positively impacting our world.  If we simply believe that the world is full of doom and gloom, then we either watch too much news-media and/or don’t talk to enough new and different people each day.

A popular journalist on a major news channel said that there just isn’t good news, and if there was, they would report on it.  Wow.  Nothing ever so scared me as someone making such an ignorant statement.

Forgot all the positive news channels on the Internet; why not simply report on fairs, festivals, and other opportunities for families and communities to come together?  Why not just talk about the new exhibits at the local museums, art galleries, and other venues?

Of course, the real problem always gets down to money.  Either someone doesn’t want to lose their job (because another journalist will just take their place and report more crap), or the shareholders don’t want to lose ratings to the competition of evil.

What a sorry excuse for directly perpetuating more deadly massacres in our society, and then trying to find other factors to blame it on.

The world isn’t going to change until this bottom-line mentality from corporations and individuals change.  And it starts by sharing stuff like this, instead of the gloom and doom of the world.  Start talking about solutions and solutions will start manifesting.

Like this one:

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S.  One reader mentioned how it is not wise just to avoid all negative news, because it can be useful.  And, that is correct.  This distinction illustrated above should not have been between positive and negative, but rather between empowering and disempowering:

It is disempowering, for example, to hear about a distant murder that has very little impact on your daily life and well-being (just negative impact on your psyche).  It is extremely empowering, for example, to hear about the misuse of agriculture, the fluoride in our water, and chemical trails in the sky.  Those are all topics that do impact our daily living and well-being.  Ironically, the mass media barely touches on those negative yet empowering issues (which do have solutions, found in the alternative media on the Internet).

Said another way, is it more important to talk about one man who killed twenty people, or corporations than literally kill (through drugs and corruption) millions of people for the sake of profit?  But it’s not really even the subject matter that is important.  It’s the delivery of that subject matter.  Talk about anything, in an empowering way.  Not to put us in a state of fear, or propagandize us for the next election process (they want to take away your rights/guns so less people can resist their corrupt government).


  1. Great post. I'm wondering if you'd prefer no one knew about the Holocaust, too? Psycho.

  2. Hahahahahahahahhahahahaha, awesome reply Tim, sophomoric, but hilarious at the same time. You're missing the point.

    The Colorado Massacre, as it were, though tragic and horribly sad is no way in near comparison to the 9,000,000 Jews brutally slaughtered by a World Leader turned Psycho/Antichrist. That was part of a World event that affected the entire world. And it couldn't help but be talked about.

    What Danish is trying to say is that the media focuses and zeros in on negative topics because there's profit in it. That negative outpouring can only influence more negativity.

  3. similarities to what happened out here in Port Arthur,Tasmania AUSTRALIA with Martyn Bryant back in th 90's. People witnessed a different gunman, but they wanted to disarm us!!

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