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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Important Update (bad news)

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Hi there everyone!!

Thanks for being on my list.  Before I get to the news, I thought you would appreciate the two most popular viral videos in the last little while that many readers have been sharing.

“Either you pay the farmer or pay the doctor.”
[TED Talk]

“What’s been holding me back no longer has a hold on me.”
[Inspiring Song]

Some people have trouble believing this, so I will state it clearly:

I’m an official candidate in the riding of Trinity—Spadina for the Ontario Provincial Elections as the Leader for the Party for People with Special Needs.  (I guess many people have trouble believing I am a blind, Pakistani albino, too, so it all understandable.)

Share this web site we created for youths to transform the world.  (Now some people will have trouble believing that...).

Cast your ballot on Thursday, October 6 if you live in Ontario.  Or cast your ballot right now by sharing this with others on the Internet (that’s how Obama did it).

I’ll be going to Las Vegas for the official launch of That Free Thing, being one of the headline keynote speakers.  If you aren’t a member yet, you can still benefit from the explosive momentum that will be created on Saturday, October 1.  Become a free member (and then upgrade) here:

And, the bad news is that I won’t be in town for my own birthday.  However, we are going to be celebrating in Toronto on Friday, October 7.  All details are here, and all are welcome.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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