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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Personal MLM Story

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Hi there everyone!!

Network marketing (also known as Multi-Level Marketing or MLM) is fast becoming the preferred business model for corporations, and the smarter way to be a consumer today. Uncover the top five reasons people fail in network marketing through this article. First, here’s my personal story...

I was entrepreneurial in high-school, always on the search to create financial independence. My desire for wealth wasn’t focused on abundance -- rather, it was simply about creating a functionally equivalent lifestyle that most people (without disabilities) enjoy.

People with disabilities need more money to live, simply to purchase aids and devices for survival. For me, I cannot drive, and public transit doesn’t go everywhere. Even paying for cabs all the time doesn’t create a “functional equivalent lifestyle” in my view (nor is it always practical). For me to experience the freedom of rapid mobility, my vision was to be able to afford a full-time driver (if not several, so I always have someone available).

Network marketing would be the most plausible way for me to create that reality.

At age 19, I was introduced to Amway, and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. We could shift the power structures from big corporations back to local communities and create wealth that wasn’t possible before in record time? Wow! I can create an international multi-million dollar home-based business with hardly any capital, experience, or resources? This is awesome!! Why wasn’t everybody in already? Why hadn’t I heard about this before?

So I invested the next two years giving it my all. I went to all the meetings, and national conferences. I showed the marketing plan to tons of people consistently. I listened to all the tapes. I never really read before (because reading gives me headaches and eyestrain), but since my mentors told me that I must do “everything” in order to succeed, I even started to read for fifteen minutes every day.

While I got tremendous value in professional development and business training, I didn’t make any money.

Could it be the company? I explored every MLM product category: juices, pills, lotions, potions, chocolates, telecom, financial, travel, legal, and even gold.

So I thought, why doesn’t this concept work? What is wrong with all of these companies?

Then I got it! Oh, it must be because the products are actually NOT what they claim. Some companies say their products are less expensive, but traditional retailers charge less. Some companies say their products are superior quality, when they really are not. Why don’t these MLM companies just provide superior products so we can use this model to change the world already?

So, let’s get rid of the product. That way we can use this amazing MLM concept to change the world, and there will be no products to complain about.

OOPS: That would create an illegal pyramid. We can’t do that (with our current laws, there MUST be product consumption).

How do we have a product, but not have a product? I kept asking that question, and the universe finally gave me an answer.

A donation: The product could be a gift to a charity or a humanitarian organization that is doing good in the world.

I talked to some of my friends and industry leaders, who all said it couldn’t be done. Nevertheless, I kept visualizing this concept for a couple of years...

Then my friend Marcia Martin called me and introduced me to HUB -- a new network marketing organization where humanitarian impact is an integral and significant part of its compensation plan. It was like all my dreams came true as I became associated with some of my personal development heroes like Jack Canfield and Dr. Michael Beckwith from “The Secret”.

HUB was the first network marketing company where I made consistent income, and on occasion, significant income.

Then, things got rocky again and my income started to decline. I had invested so much into this venture, and didn’t know what I was going to do next.

This is when miracles happen. Several months later, my income in ANOTHER network marketing company skyrocketed! Five years previous, I had gotten into an MLM and recruited somebody who became a superstar. Now that business does half a million dollars of volume every month, and the small overriding residuals I receive from that business covers my basic living expenses, every month, month after month.

It’s not my car-and-driver (yet), but it is an amazing place to be that most people will never experience.

Did I get lucky? Yes, if you think of luck as “Labor Under Correct Knowledge.”

Consider all the ways that most people are “Unlucky.”

1. Most people are not open. I wouldn’t have gotten lucky if I wasn’t open to network marketing.

2. Of those who are open, most don’t get it. I wouldn’t have gotten lucky if I didn’t pay my startup costs and register myself into the MLM.

3. Of those that get in, some actually don’t become their own customer! I wouldn’t have gotten lucky if I didn’t choose to support my own business, and support a good friend by channeling my essential home services through my new business.

4. Of those that become their own customer, most don’t share. I wouldn’t have gotten lucky if I didn’t share the opportunity with my friends, associates, and acquaintances.

5. Of those who do share, most quit in less than a year. I wouldn’t have gotten lucky if I didn’t renew every year, for five years. I was going through a really tough time one year and actually considered canceling. I was “lucky” enough to have a Super Friend remind me of what I had in my possession.

Now, here’s your luck:

I’m looking for new people to build big teams with. If you would like to work with me personally, we could have a lot of fun making money and awakening the world together.

Watch this quick video and then call me at 647-439-5011.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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